Christmas Belkin Wireless Problems :(

  Lil007 15:40 25 Dec 2007

Basically I have a belkin wireless system, works fine on the internet, but like i have seen in a couple of other threads it does work on messenger. the one i have is the 'G' one. can u suggest why the wireless does this?

  Lil007 15:41 25 Dec 2007

oops i meant it *doesnt* work on messenger

  MCE2K5 21:20 25 Dec 2007

Have you tried messenger on the 'G' one.

  Lil007 21:28 25 Dec 2007

oh sorry i meant the belkin wirlesss is the G one, because you can get different strengths, and thats the least, so mayb thats why it doesnt work?what do you think?

  Ashrich 22:05 25 Dec 2007

It will be either a firewall or maybe an MTU problem , which ISP do you use ?


  Lil007 22:20 25 Dec 2007

um im not too sure tbh, how do i find out?

  fabrebas18 20:12 27 Dec 2007

i had the same problem.....

well the belkin tech guys told me to

switch of my modem then switch of my router

for a minute or so

then put the modem back on

let all the lights come back on

then put the router back on....and then have a look at the modem and see if other lights blink

if they do then you will be ableto access msn again

it worked for me

hope it works for u

  Lil007 20:26 27 Dec 2007

hmmm well it hasnt disconnected yet, but it takes ages for people to get what im saying, did it do that for you?

  fabrebas18 20:35 27 Dec 2007

yes it did the same for me....i rang belkin up
im jus telling you what hapend to mine

my internet was fine but i cudnt access messenger.

i folowed those steps and its workd for me

sumtime i hav to do the whole process again and its not very often

  Lil007 20:42 27 Dec 2007

ohhh, mine stil does it :( argh wireless:(

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