chopping wav files

  lakeman 22:07 26 Dec 2010

hi guys hope you all had a good xmas..a friend has recently transferred his 78`s record collection to memory stick using i believe an archos, however he saved them in one continuous wav file, my question is , is there any software you could suggest to chop this file into single files maybe by detecting the silence between the tracks.. reason being so he can skip to any particular track via his hifi remote, hope ive made myself understood.. regards..

  john bunyan 22:11 26 Dec 2010

I have Roxio Creator 2010 that I think would do it (Paid for). Also I believe Audacity (free) might do it. Have a look at Audacity via Google.

  QuizMan 22:18 26 Dec 2010

My personal favourite is Polderbits.
click here

The link includes a list of the various functions available. It more than covers your friend's requirements. It is not free, but well worth the outlay.

  eedcam 22:44 26 Dec 2010

As said Audacity you can select it to find the silence but be aware none of the editord if fool proof and can easily mistake a quiet passage for a gap .Visully it is just as quick as you can see the gaps .You need to select and resave each track till you have them all
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  lakeman 00:01 27 Dec 2010

thanks guys audacity did the trick.

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