chopping heads off

  mothercranky 15:36 31 Dec 2006

does anyone know how to swap your friends and relatives heads around from a photo, to... for example a cartoon body?
i have been trying all day for my friends new year party tonight, i even have photoshop but have no idea how to use it!!

  hzhzhzhz 16:09 31 Dec 2006

Good Heavens, when I saw the title I was ready to give you a link to a certain website. :-)

  chub_tor 17:29 31 Dec 2006

Don't know if you have the same tool in Photoshop but Serif Photoplus has an Extract function that allows you to do that. Try the Photoshop Help for Extract and see if they have the same tool.

  siouxah1 17:47 31 Dec 2006

if you do not have either of the above a straight careful clone will do the trick.
But is time consuming.

  Diemmess 18:14 31 Dec 2006

With fingers crossed
Open the pic which has the head you need.

Using the paint on mask tool draw carefully round the head you want so that it completes a line where it started.

Now select 'Copy' which should put just the cut out head on your clip board.

Open the target picture (save it as something else to avoid making permanent changes to the original).

'Paste' and the head should now appear somwhere on the target pic.

Now drag it, rotate to choice and shrink or expand as necessary so that it looks like it belongs there.

Print the result.

You could spend all day fiddling with something like this, but if you are lucky it won't take all that long.

Good Luck! Enjoy the party if they will let you stay after seeing this!

  anchor 15:51 01 Jan 2007

I did something similar recently for the birthday of my son in law, (Steve), who is an keen Tottenham Hotspur football fan.

I bought a card with a sketch on it, and substituted the head for that of my son in law. In this instance I used Microsoft Digital Image Suite, although other programmes could have done the same job. I then printed a new card using that picture. He was well pleased and impressed.

If you wish to see the before and after result,

click here

  mothercranky 16:19 01 Jan 2007

thanks everybody!!!!

unfortuneately i was too late to try the above, so ended up with pictures of folks with square heads! but now have this info am gonna try have a go today (if my hangover will let me, feel like if i look in the mirror my head will be square too)

its ridiculous havin this fancy software and not knowing how to use it, its this whole 'layers' business that throws me straightaway.

haha to hzhzhzhz, am kinda interested in that other link anyway!!!! ;0)

is there an idiots guide to photoshop available......... or is it you guys???

oh and.. happy new year to all of you who give your techy knowledge up so freely to help other muppets like me! x

  mothercranky 16:24 01 Jan 2007


anchor, that looks ace - exactly what i was tryin to do!

p.p.s, Diemmess - i ended up pressing anything and everything on photoshop in the end in desperation, and i did end up with a head just floating round the screen but couldnt put it anywhere! i took a pic of the screen on my phone and sent it to my friend who thought it hilarious

  anchor 16:42 01 Jan 2007

I have a number of photo programmes, including Paint shop pro and Photoshop. However for that sort of job I find that with Microsoft Digital Image suite it`s very much easier.

Have fun!!.

  Diemmess 17:02 01 Jan 2007

Thats the way to do it!
You are a success.

You have photoshop (Adobe) I have photopaint (Corel)

Both are classed as heavyweight, which could be interpreted as "difficult."

Each has the bells and whistles of the other, but seem to try hard never to have the same names for any of the tools and very subtle facilities.

Like most software these days the possibilities are there once you know where to find what you want and that is the big IF!

Photoshop has become the darling of serious image makers possibly because it is a development of Adobe which was Mac orientated at its beginning; so designers and others who wouldn't or couldn't stoop to a PC, cut their photo editing teeth with Photo shop.

Start now, become used to using it, and in no time at all you'll be held in awe by the family too impressed to raise even a smile at your masterpieces.

  BRYNIT 11:10 02 Jan 2007

Photoshop tutorials

Just a few web pages to look at, doing a quick search using Ask or google will find more.

click here

click here

click here

click here

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