Choosing a new BB provider - suggestions please.

  grabster 08:47 15 Jul 2006

Well a full year has been and gone and i am now out of my 12 month contract with .
Things were not tooo bad apart from maybe 7 or so occasions when there was no service, which i put down to them getting their BB service from the dreaded Nthell. I am at present getting a 1meg unlimited service for £19.99 pm.
Their new upgrade proposals dont appeal either, same price, 2meg but a 20gig limit each month.
I use the binarie news groups pretty often so the cap
sorta rules that out. I dont mind using a pay server if i can find an isp with decent speeds and low price though.... A tall order maybe ??? Any suggestions are welcome.


  johnnyrocker 09:10 15 Jul 2006

click here.


  MAJ 09:12 15 Jul 2006

If by that you mean that you download lots of large files, grabster, then you're going to run into problems with most ISPs as they all now cover themselves with a "Fair Use" policy. Any ISP now with a true "no limit" cap is going to cost quite a bit per month. I believe some AOL users say that they have no limit, but I'm not sure how far that has been tested, besides I [personally] wouldn't use AOL because of the amount of rubbish they install on your computer (I can just feel the flames coming). Have a look at this roundup of ISPs click here maybe a package were you pay extra for extra bandwitdth would suit you.

  grabster 09:31 15 Jul 2006

Thanks for the replies, ive been looking through the links provided and now ive got a headache, i can live with a fair use policy but not one like plusnet ( my previous isp ) where any bandwith used with a separate news server counts against your totals then you find yourself crawling along at dialup speeds.
Is anyone out there happy with their isp or are we all waiting and looking for new providers ?

  MAJ 09:45 15 Jul 2006

**All** internet usage, emails, file downloads, updates, browsing, etc. is counted towards your monthly bandwidth 'allowance' grabster, if you're connected you're using bandwidth. I use Tiscali and am very happy with them, 2Mb download speed for £14.99 per month. I don't download huge files but I do download quite a bit at times.

  holly polly 10:11 15 Jul 2006

I'm with plusnet 2.2 meg at the moment soon to be cranked up to 8 meg unlimited for twenty quid a month very happy with it regards -hol pol.

  Jsimbaz 10:52 15 Jul 2006

if you are in a telewest/ntl enabled area then i recommend them... true no limits but the broadband is a little more expensive.


  spuds 10:54 15 Jul 2006

Started with Lineone who then merged with Tiscali. As good as any ISP, and well worth consideration, especially as better value packages are on the hozizon!. Tiscali click here

  Snec 11:10 15 Jul 2006

There are as many sausage makers as there are sausage eaters. There is as many people keep a couple of Goldfish as there are fish keeping experts. They are all experts, so they say.

All will have their own idea as to which is best but the proof of the sausage is in the eating.

You/we can only try it and see. The cheapest is never the best. AOL, using a router to keep the software off your computer, is a strong, reliable connection, and has been for years.

As always, try it and judge for yourself. You might get it right, might not!

  mike1967 11:30 15 Jul 2006

Well I'm with BTYahoo provided me with great service.

You can now get 8Mb speed with 50 Gig cap per month, suppose the only downside is the £29.99 charge per month.

  JYPX 12:11 15 Jul 2006

grabster - when cable goes to speeds between 50 and 100 meg, which is not far away, the choice (for you) will be a no brainer, ie services based on the bt network will hardly be suitable for the huge downloads that you hint at in your post. However, you dread the thought of using NTL so I think you have a problem!

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