Choosing an internet service provider

  Newuser939 17:17 04 Feb 2013

I have had broadband from BT for several years and, to be fair, have had very few problems with them. However, as I come to the end of another 12 month contract, I imagine that the best they will offer me to stay will be about £16 a month for unlimited downloads. Bearing in mind that I could get unlimited broadband for about £10 a month from Sky or Plusnet (to name but two) is there any advantage in staying with BT. Even if I want to keep my BT email addresses, that would only add about £1.60 a month to the cost. In addition, Sky or Plusnet would offer half price for six months, reducing the overall cost still further. Is there anything else I should take into account which might persuade me to stay with BT? (I know that FE is a fan of BT, so he might have a view.)

  wiz-king 17:27 04 Feb 2013

I have not had problems with BT, so despite the 'free' offers from the others I will stick with BT.

I had problems with Sky not being able to deliver the promised speed then taking almost six months to get their billing dept to acknowledge that I was no longer a subscriber despite coping them the cancellation letter.

  tullie 18:03 04 Feb 2013

Sky may seem cheaper,but put your tv package on top and what have you got?

  TonyV 19:54 04 Feb 2013


I am with Plusnet and have to say that there service is very good. They have a good offer on at the moment for unlimited Broadband and Talk Anytime in the UK. I think it works at £22.98 per month as a new customer joining up. I had their Value package including Anytime phone, but it only gave me 10gb, which with the iMAC is seeming to be a wee bit low, but they have given me a new deal for unlimited plus Anytime phone at a little more than I pay now and it will last for two years.

They have free UK Help desk as well!!.


  TonyV 19:55 04 Feb 2013

PS. My figure includes the £13.99 phone line charge.


  The Kestrel 10:03 05 Feb 2013

Are you able to get BT Infinity in your area? If so, you can get the basic package, with up to 38Mb speed and 40Gb downloads each month for an extra £2, with the first three months half price.

  Nontek 10:14 05 Feb 2013

I get up to 75Mb with BT Infinity, with a daily regular speed in excess of 40Mb. I don't care if it is a little bit dearer, it is worth it IMHO.

  Newuser939 12:43 05 Feb 2013

No, we cannot get BT Infinity and there is no indication of when we will be able to. I get about 16.5Mb on ADSL at the moment and would get the same from Plusnet or Sky. That being so, it comes down to price, service and equipment.

  Podracer 12:58 05 Feb 2013

Sadly, I use TalkTalk. I am slightly stuck with them as I have a TT address that I do want to keep; however, their customer service is appalling. Not only are there call handlers in India or the Philippines, but their English is often well below par. In addition, they appear to simply follow a script and if you are ringing for an update on a fault, they make you go through the whole saga again - and often give you a different answer second time round. My current gripe is getting 6MBS during the day, and it dropping to less than 1MBS (or on some occasions to zero) in the evenings. TT cannot do anything and/or do not understand the problem. (as an aside, I am not in a fibre optic area).

Furthermore, although there appear to be be many TT customer numbers, all seem to have the same menu options, and if you think you are clever by trying to bypass the foreign call centres, you end up getting put through anyway.

If I were to change, and money were no object, I would consider BT, as BT do manage the lines and exchanges, and it might be useful to be able to talk direct to BT, rather than pass it all on to an apparently semi- literate person in India......

  daxian 13:26 05 Feb 2013

hi .... i am with Sky ...never any problem with broadband. you can take broadband without a tv package . if you already have a tv package, it makes sense to also take the broadband ! mine states upto 20mb download speed,unlimited . i am quite close to the exchange and so get an average of 16 down 1 meg up which is fairly good for £10 a month ,but dont forget to factor in the line rental !!!

  spuds 13:56 05 Feb 2013

Perhaps a way of resolving who to use issue, try checking somewhere like Broadbandchoices or a similar comparison website for latest information?.

Personally I have used BT with Lineone Surftime, transferring to Tiscali and now TalkTalk. Over that time I have considered moving on a number of occasions. mainly through webmail problems, but it as always come down to "the devil you know, than the devil you don't", so I have remained with TalkTalk.

I agree with Podracer, TT overseas customer service can be very bad and frustrating at times of need, but if you manage to get the UK heads involved, then it seems an whole different experience for resolving problems. Regarding speed and connections, I was struggling to get 1MB for ages with a 'upto' 10MB package. After I made a large fuss, and TalkTalk took me seriously, I now get a regular 6MB, which is the maximum the line will provide at present (BT confirmed), so I am happy with that for the time being.

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