Choosing a font - easy on the eye - Attractive

  powerless 19:28 22 Jun 2003

I thought this would be easy to choose but what i like and "think" is good - to others it may be awful.

Im also after after a colour scheme in my fonts:

Heading - RED

Paragraphs - BLACK

Keywords - Bold black (playing with the keywords idea - so i could drop it)

I want my heading to be a font size bigger than my paragrphs (hope that makes sense). There is reason for this by the way.

The background of the webpage is white as its just easier to use i find it easier than playing with a background colour, picture, theme etc.

So, the big question what font to use and what size?

  Patr100 23:07 22 Jun 2003

Not very adventurous but If you want a traditonal basic font that will be installed on virtually all PCs that view your page - I would suggest Times Roman. For a more "modern" look perhaps Tahoma.

If you choose a more obscure font it is possible that it will not be on everyone'e PC so their browser may revert to their default font anyway. 00:18 23 Jun 2003

are the easiest to read on-screen, and most people have them installed on their PC.

Good luck, Whiz...

  S Walch 00:39 23 Jun 2003

Red on websites actually looks quite revolting.

Black or Blue mostly for words and such

For font I usually use Veranda - or TNR


well, anyting from 12 - 20 should be o.k

  Forum Editor 00:48 23 Jun 2003

of Patr100's warning about choosing obscure fonts. A web browser will only display fonts that are installed on the computer, so if your site is typed in 10pt SlantyArty and my computer doesn't have that font installed I'll see your site in Times New Roman.

If you want to have a fancy page heading the best way to do it is to create it in your imaging editing program, using whatever font you like, and save it as a gif - then we'll all see it as you intended. You can do this with blocks of text if you like - save them as gifs - but it isn't a very good idea. Each time you want to change a few words on the site you'll have to go through the performance of creating new gifs.

By far the best idea is to use one of the 'web-safe' fonts which are likely to be viewable in any browser.

If you stick to one of the following you should be OK:-


Arndale Mono

Comic sans





And of course - Times New Roman.

Of these, my personal favourite is Verdana - it's easily readable and looks very 'webby'.

As far as colours go, I tend to shy away from Red on a white ground - it's a little harsh and unsubtle. Try a maroon if you like red, and navy looks good if you want a formal mood, or dark green.

Black is best for body text on white, although you'll need to think about some images to add colour to the pages.

  powerless 23:18 23 Jun 2003

I like Verdana and the green is nice too (Changing Rooms flashback)

The font size i see you say 10pt FE. But i was using 12pt and it did make the pages long. I switched to 10pt and the pages are now shorter and the pages look better. (to me anyway)

I'm not into fancy *.gifs.

"Black is best for body text on white, although you'll need to think about some images to add colour to the pages."

Images well apart from the top of the page there will be no images within the page. I've gone for hyperlinking to a picture.

However a few images i could try.

  Pesala 20:52 24 Jun 2003

if you want something a bit less formal.

Book Antiqua is another possible choice not mentioned by FE, and Lucida Handwriting will also be on many people's systems. Georgia, mentioned by FE, is not on mine.

This colour tester may be useful: click here

Bright white backgrounds can be a problem for some users too. A pastel shade or unfussy pattern can be better than brilliant white: click here

  Sturmey 02:15 25 Jun 2003

Hi, I just made a mini website for my brother who is a dj, I would be good to get some feedback as only me and and my cat have seen it so far :)

I used dreamweaver and photoshop.

click here


  Sturmey 02:16 25 Jun 2003

I meant to start a new thread.

  TechMad 13:41 04 Jul 2003

How does your "10pt" and "12pt" font sizes relate to the size attribute in a non css/Java webpage?

  powerless 18:44 04 Jul 2003



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