Choice of CPU help required

  Koochy 17:48 12 May 2009

Hello all,

I have been given a desktop pc that doesn't work so i did a little digging into it and have found that numerous pins on the CPU are bent / snapped, i questioned the person that gave it to me and they said that they had removed the CPU/heatsink assembly to vacuum them as they were full of dust,
I would like to get the PC up and running again for a young niece to use and i have been assured by the previous owner that the PC was working fine prior to the misshap with the CPU.
My question is what would be the cheapest option of CPUs for a socket 939 mother board.
The CPU that came out is no longer listed on the AMD website - details are below as written on the CPU

AMD Sempron SDA3000DI02BW

Any help would be greatly received

  OTT_Buzzard 17:51 12 May 2009

Do you know exactly what motherboard the PC has? It will make a difference....not all 939 mobo's wll support all 939 CPU's!

  bremner 17:54 12 May 2009

eBuyer shows these two 939's click here-(Socket-939)

You will need to check the motherboard specs to see if either is suitable.

  bremner 17:55 12 May 2009
  Koochy 17:59 12 May 2009

This may sound silly but how do i tell what kind of motherboard it is?

  Koochy 18:04 12 May 2009

all i can find on the motherboard is : abae-le rev 1.03

  Koochy 18:10 12 May 2009

Sorry that should be a8ae-le rev 1.03

  Koochy 18:16 12 May 2009

By jings i think i am seeing a little tunnel at the end of the light here - after trawling the Compaq sight i think i have answered my own question

click here

So now the next set of questions are
1 Where are the cheapest places for CPUs
2 Where do i buy the heatsink paste
3 How much paste do i put on?

Thanks in advance

  OTT_Buzzard 18:30 12 May 2009

1. Shop around for the CPU, but CCL Online (click here) are pretty good at the moment.

2. click here

3. click here

Easy :)

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