CHMOD help with definitions (maybe Taran)

  wolfen 15:19 08 Nov 2003

I am looking for some help in defining the chmod codes.
I use WS-FTP which has under properties:

Owner Group World then subs
Read Write Execute for each.

what corresponds to 777 etc.

  Sir Radfordin 15:52 08 Nov 2003

click here for one answer??

  wolfen 16:16 08 Nov 2003

If I am not the owner but the webmaster do I come under group or need to log in as owner.

what are most common settings 775

  Forum Editor 16:25 08 Nov 2003

commands on a Unix server are an essential part of good site management, as the wrong command can set file permissions which might make your site (or parts of it) vulnerable to outside interference.

CHMOD commands can be complex to explain, but in broad terms an FTP application will only use the last three digits when applying to commands - these refer to (in order of sequence)

2nd digit - owner permissions

3rd digit - group permissions

4th digit - other (or world) permissions.

The first digit will be a 1 or a 2 or a 4, and is known in the business as a 'sticky bit'. You won't see these in proprietory FTP programs, so forget them and concentrate on the three I've mentioned. Here are the numerical values for the various permission levels:

none = 0

Execute = 1

Write = 2

Write, Execute = 3

Read = 4

Read, Execute = 5

Read, Write = 6

Read, Write, Execute = 7

From which you can see that a CHMOD of 777 would give everyone full read/write/execute/ permission on a file or a directory for instance, and 666 would mean that everyone could read or write to the directory, but nobody could run executables. Just combine the numbers to produce the result you want, but be careful - incorrectly set permissions can result in a non-functioning web.

  wolfen 19:54 08 Nov 2003

Thank you for your advice and excellent explanation.

What would be your suggestion for the catalog admin part of the site 755 or 744 or 711

  Forum Editor 00:40 09 Nov 2003

Only you can decide which directories have which permissions set, but here for example is the breakdown of a 755 permission, which you might feel is best for the catalogue admin:

7 - Represents the permissions for the Owner (you). The owner has been given Read, Write and Execute permissions. 4+2+1=7.

5 - Represents the permissions for the Group (any individuals with access to your server space). The Group has been given Read and Execute permissions. 4+1=5.

5 - Represents the permissions for the Others (visitors to your site). They have been given Read and Execute permissions. 4+1=5.

The 755 permission would be written as: rwxrxrx

  wolfen 10:09 09 Nov 2003

I think I've got the hang of this now.
I've set admin/config 444 rrr and admin 644 or 744.
right thats the admin done now the catalog a possible 755.

Would 755 stop customers being able to fill out forms?

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