CHKSSK - why should it run automatically?

  johndrew 22:42 11 Jan 2007

My PC has been running fine up to today when there was a lot of HDD activity for no apparent reason. I did a Re-start and it was a bit slow at first but then recovered to its usual performance. I was due a backup and ran Acronis TI to backup my files to the external drive; everything was fine, backups done and verified.

I disconnected (safely) the external drive and Re-started the PC and got the CHKDSK screen for the second of the two internal HDDs. It apparently checked out OK and the PC then booted.

Is it usual for CHKDSK to run uncommanded in this way or do I have a potential problem? I run HDD Health and this tells me both drives are OK (97%) probability and can find nothing in Device Manager which says both are running correctly.

Thanks for any advice/information on this.

  stevelincsuk 09:06 12 Jan 2007

If it happens just the once then it should be ok. If it is happening everytime you boot then your drive is flagged as dirty and you will need to unset the dirty bit.

  johndrew 10:35 12 Jan 2007

Thanks for coming back.

So far it has happened twice but well separated by months.

I presume `flagged as dirty` and `unset the dirty bit` means to run the `Error Checking` facility in Tools? Should have confirmed I`m running XP Pro - sorry.

  stevelincsuk 12:56 12 Jan 2007

Hi there, hopefully nothing to worry about then

Just for informational purposes for anyone that is stuck with a continous chkdsk on boot. You can check to see if your drive is flagged by opening up a CLI Window (Start menu -> Select Run -> type in CMD)
Now type in the following:

FSUTIL DIRTY QUERY C: (followed by the enter key)

(assuming that C: is your boot drive)

If it tells you that your drive is dirty then...

Go back to the CLI window and type in the following

CHKNTFS /X C: (followed by the enter key) - This will stop the disk check on the next reboot

Now reboot your computer: let it reboot an dopen up another CLI - type in the following:

CHKDSK /F /R C: (followed by the enter key) - Let is scan and check your computer fully

Once it has done so type in the follwoing again as in the first step


The drive bit will be set to clean again

  johndrew 16:50 12 Jan 2007

Many thanks again.

It was my F: drive that it checked - C:&D: are partitions on the same HDD and F: is the second drive (E: is a DVD-RW). Presumably the same input will work for any HDD/partition that appears flaky by simply replacing the drive letter.

I have copied your advice to a `safe place` for future reference.

As an aside I have re-started a couple of times again today with no repetition, so hopefully it is as you say `nothing to worry about`.

  Monoux 16:52 12 Jan 2007


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