Chkdsk problem with external drive

  exdragon 09:04 01 Jun 2011

Hi - I've got the chkdsk blue screen when I start up - it's on an external drive M. If I let chksdk run, it dosn't get beyond phase 3, with nothing else being shown.

I've tried right clicking the drive in My Computer, then running the two options in Tools (automatically fix file system errors and scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors) but the first stops at Phase 3 and the other says 'Windows was unable to complete the disk check'.

I'm using XP, reformatted last week, but the chkdsk problem only arose a couple of days ago.

Does anyone have any ideas, please, or does this post copied from an earlier thread apply in my case:

  1. click on your start menu and open the run dialog.
  2. type "cmd" and return (note: dont enter quotes)
  3. Next type "fsutil dirty query e:"
  4. If the return message indicates that the volume is dirty go to step 5
  5. Next type "chkdsk e: /f /x"
  6. After that finishes repeat step 3.
  7. If it is no longer dirty then reboot and you should notice no more ckdisk.
  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:53 01 Jun 2011

Check Disk Prevent Upon Boot (Line 294)

or if the volume dirty bit is set, eachtime Windows XP starts, autochk.exe is called by the kernel to scan all volumes. If the dirty bit is set, autochk performs an immediate chkdsk /f on that volume. Chkdsk /f verifies file system integrity and attempts to fix any problems with the volume. It is usually caused by a hard shut down or a power loss during a read-write operation on that particular drive.

First click Start> Run> and bring up a command prompt by typing in "CMD" and then type "fsutil dirty query e:" but without the quotes. This queries the drive, and more than likely it will tell you that it is dirty. Next, type "CHKNTFS /X e:". The X tells Windows to NOT check that particular drive on the next reboot. At this time, manually reboot your computer, it should not do a Chkdsk and take you directly to Windows.

Once Windows has fully loaded, bring up another CMD prompt and now you want to do a Chkdsk manually by typing "Chkdsk /f /r e:". This should take you through 5 stages of the scan and will unset that dirty bit. Finally, type "fsutil dirty query e:" and Windows will confirm that the dirty bit is not set on that drive. Good luck!

  exdragon 11:09 01 Jun 2011

Fruit Bat /\0/\, thanks - the bit I quoted was taken from something you also replied to (the link to line 294 isn't there, by the way).

In your reply, does 'e' refer to the drive letter, or is it part of the command? Just want to clarify before I let my other halg go home!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:15 01 Jun 2011

Yes e is the drive letter. Try the direct link works for me

Kellys link

  exdragon 16:16 01 Jun 2011

Well, I set it runng, went out for lunch and have just got home.

The command has reached stage 5 of 5, and 'Free space verification is complete'. All the previous stages have been reported as completed, verified or replaced (dotnet appears to be the culprit).

I'm not sure now if anything else is supposed to happen, as the cursor is just sitting there or if I should just close the screen.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:28 01 Jun 2011

Just close the screen if its finished and reboot.

  exdragon 16:36 01 Jun 2011

Hmm - Windows cannot end this programme. It may need more time to complete an operation.

Do I have a problem here? Thanks for holding my hand, by the way!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:53 01 Jun 2011

Sorry thought you were doing it on boot

TAsk manager - End program - reboot - if chkdsk runs let it complete - if not then make sure the drive is viewable in MY computer

  exdragon 16:56 01 Jun 2011

Thanks, I was a bit concerned when the options were to let the thing run or lose any unsaved data.

Will do as you suggest!

  woodchip 16:56 01 Jun 2011

Do not pull the plug on it as you could be back to square one. leave it running while the evening at least, then if its still running try closing pc down if it does it should close the program on it

  exdragon 17:40 01 Jun 2011

Too late, Woodchip! However, looks ok so far, fingers crossed. At least if it all goes pear shaped in the morning, I'll know what to do. No chkdsk on start up, so maybe that's a good sign.

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