chkdsk in ms-dos 6.22 19:59 15 Aug 2005

ok... its a long time since i've used ms-dos

and now i need to use my ms-dos 6.22 floppy to run chkdsk /f to repair the HDD after screwing up merging two partitions

now i can't boot from the hdd but all the data is still there and fine

after a error 1516 from booting from the partition magic 8.1 recovery disks i made i whent to partition magic's site to find this problem can be fixed by running chkdsk /f from command prompt in windows but i can't boot from hdd thus no windows

i know you can run chkdsk /f via a ms-dos boot disk but how to i run chkdsk /f to fix the hdd?

  stalion 20:02 15 Aug 2005

operating system please 20:03 15 Aug 2005

win xp home

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:09 15 Aug 2005

Your drive is probably formatted in NTFS format and ms-dos cannot see this and will not run chk disk.

Boot form the Home CD and run chk disk from recovery consul

Using Recovery Consul
click here
click here 20:13 15 Aug 2005

i don't have a xp home CD the PC is a manufactured PC and came with recovery CDs which use norton ghost which will just format and restore the PCs software but i need to recover the data first

is there anyway of running chkdsk from a floppy that will read the file system NTFS? 20:19 15 Aug 2005

i have just had a thought...

i can use the partition magic disks to convert the hdd to fat32 then ms-dos will be able to read and fix the HDD then once fixed i can boot from the HDD then convert it back to NTFS... but partition magic may give error 1516 again i refuse to convert the HDD but if it allows what is the command to run chkdsk /f to fix the HDD (as far as i'm aware its [chkdsk /f c:\]) 20:35 15 Aug 2005

ok, partition magic won't let me convert the HDD to fat32 due to the 1516 error :( now i'm stuck 21:08 15 Aug 2005

i might have resolved my own issue (typical of me)
NTFS4DOS from:
click here

i'm trying that if it works i'll post about it and maybe it will help others :) 23:11 15 Aug 2005

ok i've managed to get hold of a dos floppy that will read and write ntfs thus allowing to to run chkdsk on the hdd and thats fine it fixed a few things... i then used partion magic to change the cluster size on the hdd to 512b from 1k which should mean the hdd is now bootable... but i can't boot from it... i don't get a 1516 error anymore... then i run chkdsk /f again via dos and if fixed a few more things, i do have 7.2k of unallocated space on the hdd maybe that could be the reason?

where do i go now? as i can't boot from a HDD that is perfectly healthy and seems to be bootable to me...

  woodchip 23:17 15 Aug 2005

Why not download the XP setup discs. from click here chkdsk should be on the disc. PS there are six discs in all

  woodchip 23:19 15 Aug 2005

Why not download the XP setup discs. from click here chkdsk should be on the disc. PS there are six discs in all

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