shaduf 11:48 14 Apr 2004

System is Windows XP.

When I switched on this morning I got an error message “C:\$Mft is corrupt and unreadable please run Chkdsk utility."

Where do I find Chkdsk ? Have Run – c:/chkdsk but Windows cannot find it.

If I now try to defrag I can’t and get error message “Disk Defrag has detected that Chkdsk is scheduled to run on the volume C. Please run Chkdsk /f.”

AVG is bang up to date and detects no virus.

Any ideas please.

  Sethhaniel 11:52 14 Apr 2004

try search chkdsk if not

  johnnyrocker 11:52 14 Apr 2004

if you have an original cd insert it and run sfc /scannow (i think thats right) or you could try system restore to a prev known good point.


  ventanas 12:08 14 Apr 2004

MFT must refer to the Master File Table. If this is corrupt you may have quite a problem as this is in effect an index of all the files and folders on your drive. If it's gone wrong the system will have problems finding files etc. I assume you can get into Windows so to run checkdisc right click on the drive and choose properties. Click the tools tab and click Check Now under Error-checking. I would not advise defragging until the mft is fixed, as defragging actually works in reverse with the mft as it cannot move the first fragment. You already damaged mft will then also be fragmented, possibly adding to the problem.

If checkdisk fails to run, and it could take some hours to complete depending on the size of the drive, it can be run from the Recovery Console. If you need help with this post back.

  shaduf 21:31 14 Apr 2004


Thanks for the very useful information.
The chkdsk operation took only ten minutes and I was able to see that it deleted 6 files. The rest went so fast at the end that I was not sure what it did. It looked like some interesting info as it flashed on the screen before it went into a restart. When I said I couldn't defrag I should have said I couldn't do the analyze part before the defrag so I didn't continue. Analyze now works so I assume defrag does but I will leave it a day or two.

Now I understand chk dsk and where it is.

I still have some problems with restore etc but hey we all have to have some probbies don't we?

Thanks again


  ade.h 22:14 14 Apr 2004

Did you tick the two options when you started Checkdisk? It's totally optional, but if you do, it will perform a more thorough check/repair. First, it tells you it cannot run now and asks if it can run at the next boot-up; click Yes and it will run before Windows loads.

  User-312386 22:21 14 Apr 2004

double click my computer

right click C drive, select properties, tools, error checking tab and the tick the 2 check disc options

  shaduf 20:55 15 Apr 2004

Thanks guys - problem now solved after following advice given.



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