Chirping Sound

  Farleyjim 11:36 04 Dec 2003

Has anybody any ideas why I hear a "chirping" sound evry now and again. It seems like random intervals but several times during an evening session. I'm not sure whether it is coming from the speaker system or from the pc speaker. It's not annoying but it would be nice to know what it is. I am running XP Home with Athlon 1Ghz and 512Mhz RAM.

  Lozzy 11:45 04 Dec 2003

Do you have a bird stuck in your chimney??? or trapped in the PC case?? Chirpy chirpy sweet sweet!!!! sorry couldn't resit!!! Absolute no idea..

  [email protected]@m 11:56 04 Dec 2003

Could be a fan bearing that needs a spot of oil.

  Lozzy 20:45 04 Dec 2003


  Socalled 20:51 04 Dec 2003

It was one off those advertisements on this page,but its flown south now.

  Mike ® 21:05 04 Dec 2003

Not intending to be flippant, but you don't have a smoke alarm with a low battery do you.

  A_World_Maker 21:13 04 Dec 2003

Funny how no one spotted your name BUJE (think about it)

  K.H 21:24 04 Dec 2003


haha that was good

  Mike ® 21:28 04 Dec 2003

I've thought about it click here nothing suspicious about it at all. They are a major european producer of caged bird food.

  K.H 21:34 04 Dec 2003

You are a bit of a jerk.

BUJE asked for a civilised answer not all these childish comments.


  Mike ® 21:48 04 Dec 2003

So you think somebody with a nickname like buje (budgie) . is serious when complaining about a chirping noise.

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