Chipset fan is finished.....What do I do?

  pcgal 11:20 29 Dec 2004


My Gigabyte motherboard is 3 weeks out of guarantee (typical) and the chipset fan is rattling away.
The fan is fixed to the heatsink via 4 screws so it shouldn't be much trouble to change.
Where can I buy a fan to fit this mini heatsink?
I cant find anywhere that sells a replacement.

What do I do?


  jimv7 11:28 29 Dec 2004

Check out Maplins or your local computer shop as they might have an old board with the size fan on that you require.

  jack 12:13 29 Dec 2004

Local Computer fairs
There will be in your area somewhere some one that
breaks old computer s for spares
A noisy fan is not necessarily the 'end'
This topic has been well covered here and is well known with AMD Athlone processors.
My fan went 'noisy'
I reasoned that it has 'screwed' itself down onto the heatsink and the blades were 'pinging' on the heatsink fins so I slackened the screws a little and pulled it gently up.
That cured it for a while.
I eventually got an other fan from a'breaker'
This had a slightly different base 'thicker' so the fan is off the fins and it ran fine but it too becane noisy very soon after putting in- then I noticed that as the machine had been running a few moments it quitened down
So now I let it howl.

  Belatucadrus 12:21 29 Dec 2004

click here Post's a bit steep for one item. Or click here

  kakasnarta 12:27 29 Dec 2004

Yep...try maplins ..if you have a local one they sell cooling fans from about 4cm up ,4cm is about the size of chipset fan....they are worth a look.

  TomJerry 12:27 29 Dec 2004

find the size of the fan and get one from any of he following shop:

thecoolingshop click here

overclock click here

overclockers click here

  pcgal 12:33 29 Dec 2004

Ok thanks guys....appreciated

This is my second AMD board thats become noisy.

My next board will have just a heatsink.

Its just a pain in the butt.

Happy New Year!

  BlueMeanie 16:59 29 Dec 2004

As a short term solution - oil the bearing !

Remove the fan, turn over and remove the sticky label. Please just one drop (I dip a paper clip into the oil can, and then transfer a minute amount) onto the bearing. Replace the label or put a new label on, and away you go.

I use either sewing machine oil, or bicycle oil (80 pence from Wilkinson Stores) both are extremley thin. WD40 etc is no good as it dries out too quickly.

Regards from a cheapskate but practical (School) technician.

  mrdsgs 17:05 29 Dec 2004


i emailed you via the envelope to offer to post you a replacement

i have 3


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