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  johndrew 10:50 23 Jul 2007

I posted a while back asking for information on `Spring cleaning` fans in my PC. The information was good and I thank those who provided help.

However, having somewhat large hands I only removed and cleaned the CPU fan. Yesterday the PC made some rather loud and concerning noises when I turned it on. In fact it didn`t finish booting but shut itself down and restarted; thereafter it ran alright but a bit noisily.

Investigation revealed the Chipset fan to be somewhat stiff to rotate so today I bit the bullet and removed it. Not only was it very dusty but it was very stiff to turn so I followed some instructions from an old copy of PCA and oiled the bearing.

The PC `appears` to be running fine (and much quieter) now but I am concerned the Chipset fan may fail. Is it possible to buy these items separately from the motherboard or is there an alternative which could be fitted in its place?

Any help, advice or sources for a replacement would be most welcome.

  Belatucadrus 11:00 23 Jul 2007

No moving parts, so they can't go wrong click here or click here

  johndrew 12:22 23 Jul 2007

Very interesting idea, but the write-up says to remove the motherboard to enable fitting. Presumably this would be a complete PC strip/disassembly?

As an aside it would be wonderful if all fans could be replaced in this way, but again the write-up says you need airflow and hence a fan!!!

  Belatucadrus 12:52 23 Jul 2007

As to how much disassembly would be required, hard to say without looking at the MOBO. Have a look at the board in the immediate vicinity of the Northbridge chip, there may be mounting points available.
Should however it seem impractical, there are other options click here including the click here Akasa cool blue. Another option would be to contact the MOBO manufacturer direct as some people have been supplied with replacement fans FOC.
I'm not sure how far one could extend the passive cooling theme, as with a well ventilated case convection from the coolers will always provide some air movement and the PSU fan will also be drawing air through the system. Could be an interesting project for somebody intent on a silent multi media PC.

  johndrew 13:51 23 Jul 2007

My motherboard is an Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe click here and I have two graphics cards, which straddle the Chipset fan housing.

The cover of the fan/heatsink (basically a flat perforated plate) is held on by four self tapping screws which go between the heatsink fins to hold it in place. The fan is held on the heatsink by three screws which go into the bottom of a well in the finning. How the heatsink is retained I can`t make out at the moment; possibly at two corners.

As you say an iteresting project, but one for someone who is more expert than I am. From the prices I`ve seen it could also be fairly expensive as well.

  johndrew 14:04 26 Jul 2007

I contacted Asus who have kindly sent a replacement fan assembly. However the pins that retain the fan assembly to the motherboard are in a different place. In my board click here they are at the corners, as can be seen, but in the assembly received they are almost half way up each of the two sides. I have asked Asus if this is a modification or whether they have sent the wrong item and await a reply. The pin positions are fixed.

If Asus tell me this item is correct, I will need to remove the heat sink from the chipset and provide holes for the pins. I recognise I shall need to remove the motherboard from the PC, but need to identify how the heat sink is to be removed as it will be stone cold and well attached and drilling the motherboard could also be hazardous. Can anyone provide any help in this please?

  johndrew 09:50 27 Jul 2007


  keef66 10:00 27 Jul 2007

I wouldn't advise any motherboard drilling; they are quite a complicated sandwich and you could easily end up breaking something you can't see on the surface.

Hopefully Asus will be able to provide the correct fitting.

  johndrew 14:49 27 Jul 2007

Thanks for coming back.

I had a response from Asus advising the new assembly (fan & heat sink) is the latest used and that it must be put on the board at a diagonal to the position the other was fitted. So definitely no drilling!!!

They still haven`t given any clues as to separating the old heat sink from the chip and all indications I have are that the pads they use stick very well indeed. Have you any suggestions?

  alan2273 15:23 27 Jul 2007

Have a read of this it will help.

click here

  johndrew 15:50 27 Jul 2007

That is exactly what I needed. Thanks very much.

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