Via Chipset Drivers and Via IDE, RAID & SATA Drive

  frostysnowman 18:01 30 Jul 2008

Hi I wonder if anybody can advise me on the following. I am about to install Windows Xp Home onto a SATA I drive. The Motherboard is an Asus A8V-VM with Via Chipset. The Northbridge is K8M890 and the South bridge is VT8251.
I do have the Asus CD with the Chipset drivers on and the driver for creating the floppy required for the SATA drive but since this board was made in 2006 I was wondering if I should get the latest drivers from the Via Web Site. I looked on the Asus web site to see if they had any updates but their Chipset drivers date from 2006 and is the Version 505A HypersionPro Driver.
Also on looking on the ViaArena web site I am wondering if I have picked the correct Updated Chipset drivers for my board.
I came up with the HyperionPro Driver Version 5.18A and for the SATA driver disc I found the VT8251 Integrated Serial ATA RAID Controller driver Version 5.70A. Are these the correct drivers for my board? Is it worthwhile updating from the ones on the CD? Any advice greatly appreciated.

  iqs 18:12 30 Jul 2008

I recently installed XP on to SATA HDD.Becasue I slipped streamed my old copy of XP with SP2,it detected the SATA HDD and started the install without requesting SATA drivers.
What version of XP do you have?.

I hope this helps?.

  frostysnowman 18:20 30 Jul 2008

Thanks for your quick reply.
I have the Windows XP Home Service Pack 2 CD. I have read somewhere that with Via Chipsets you have to use the driver disc when installing Windows with SATA drives. I am wondering if there are any benefits to using updated Chipset/RAID disc drivers for the new install (I did not have any issues with the old Chipset drivers). I am puzzled why the Asus site does not have the latest drivers, which are on the Viaarena site, on its site. Any advice appreciated.

  Shuffty 18:24 30 Jul 2008

you do not require the floppy unless you are setting up raid just connect up the drive and it will be recognised

  iqs 18:37 30 Jul 2008

Is the HDD recognized by the BIOS?.

I would use Autostreamer and slip stream your XP with SP2,its a lot easier,if its not detecting the HDD that is.

  frostysnowman 12:48 31 Jul 2008

Thanks for all your replies.
My XP installation CD already has SP2 on it so I do not need to slipstream SP2 onto it. Can anybody advise of the benefits of updating the Chipset Drivers for the A8V-VM board. I have had no issues with the old Chipset drivers and on the Asus website they do not have the drivers which are on the Viaarena site. Should I stick with the ones on the Asus CD which came with the Mobo and go with the 'If it isn't broke ....'? Any advice appreciated.

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