Chipped XBOX ????

  Spr 16:19 22 May 2007

My son brought a second hand Xbox 360 a few months ago, after playing on the net for a few months last night he was black listed a friend has told him it must be chipped or something or other.
Have they the right (whoever they are) to stop him playing games with other people on the Internet.

How did they find out if his Xbox is chipped when he does not know if it is himself?

  tullie 16:22 22 May 2007

Might be something to do with it being illegal

  Spr 17:35 22 May 2007

What do you mean illegal he bought it from a Reliable source from ebay

  tullie 17:41 22 May 2007

If its chipped i mean,its second hand,so how do you know if its a reliable source.

  Totally-braindead 18:01 22 May 2007

I know that it is considered very bad to have any sort of cheats going when playing online, I assume that the X box has some sort of cheat wired into it and that was why he was banned.

Unless he was using a copied game and they somehow detected that.

The game servers I believe have things built into them that can tell when someone tries to cheat.
I'm not saying he was cheating just that the server somehow picked up that the X box had some sort of mod that would allow it to cheat or could recognise it was a copy disk.

Regarding the question, do they have the right to stop him playing games online? Yes they have.

  [email protected] 18:25 22 May 2007

a couple of guys from work have been banned for different addons, of course they knew about it! i am guessing if you contact them and explain your case they may reconcider, but it's all in the terms and conditions, and im right behind it, some of the online games played on pc's (such as world of warcraft) have so many tweeks and addon bits it can be totally unfair to anyone wanting to play on a standard set up, ie how it's meant to be played!
im guessing this is totally innocent and the previous owner probably did something he/she shouldnt, maybe thats why they sold it?
i would contact x box and explain.

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