Chipped compatable cartriges - rejected

  jack 08:40 19 Apr 2007

The Remedy
This one comes up from time to time particularly with Epson Compatibles
The printer flashes the service light and warns cartridge not recognized.
Various remedy have been mentioned - a 'Zapit'
the SSC utility etc.,
A particular set of comptats recently put in but being baulk by all those tricks.
So this is what I did- I noticed the contact tabs on the chip were different to the familiar formation.
Even a 'Zapit' would not Zap.
So I turned out my brimming rubbish bin and retrieved the old set- by now being heavy I guess in the paper trash having worked their way to the bottom.
I prized off the chips and swapped them onto the new cartridges - 'Colour by colour'
That did it

So when binning the old carts - SAVE THE CHIPS

  Newuser4165 09:31 19 Apr 2007

With my Epson R300 I find that if I install new cartridges using the pc software then I get a recognotion problem.However,installing the new cartriges by just using the printer maintenance setup procedure then the problem disappears.

  Ho-Lin-Sok 10:07 19 Apr 2007

Not into recycling then.

  pj123 12:00 19 Apr 2007

Ho-Lin-Sok, unfortunately, Epson cartridges are not recyclable. No one wants them.

I don't have that problem any more as I use a CIS system in both my Epson printers and both printers have been "modded" so the waste ink pads don't get used.

  jack 19:22 19 Apr 2007

As mentioned- Epson carts - he no recycle.

I have looked at the various ones of those and have has serious thoughts - but concluded my volume of printing would not justify it, mores the pity
The Drip tank Idea is one thing I intend to do - one day soon.

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