Chinese type lettering on screen

  howard64 19:51 19 Jul 2007

my old Pentium3 450MHz pc has a strange fault. After a while [anything from 1 hour to 5 hours] the lettering under the icons changes to strange lettering. This could be the graphics card dying or of course the mobo or cpu. Just restarting puts everything back to normal until the next time so I do not think it is an overheating problem. Has anyone experienced anything like this and if so what caused it/corrected it. This pc is not mission critical I use it as my testbed to fix problems with other pcs. It has done great service and when it dies it will have earned a decent burial. There are no error messages etc. Any suggestions appreciated as always.

  brundle 19:57 19 Jul 2007

Can you post a screenshot?

  howard64 19:59 19 Jul 2007

no - once this happens the whole system is sluggish and when I tried this and carried it over to my other pc the screenshot was perfect.

  Technotiger 20:07 19 Jul 2007

Have you tried CCleaner, might just need a bit of a clean-up. click here

  howard64 18:59 24 Jul 2007

have now run ccleaner and winoptimiser4 - it has not happened since but I have not used it very much - so time will tell.

  howard64 12:57 07 Aug 2007

update - the hard disk died - I ran various progs on it including ccleaner - and regmech6. When I tried to reboot it would not and the hard drive appeared garbled. Placed in another pc as slave it is dead. At least I know what the problem was. I have tried the pc with another drive and it appears fine so I may keep it as a spare but more likely scrfap it.

  Technotiger 13:34 07 Aug 2007

OK, thanks for the feedback.

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