Chinese Proverb!

  TonyV 19:03 12 Jun 2006

I have just received an e mail from someone I know who I would trust implicitly to not to do something stupid. But, the attachment to his e mail is headed "Chinese Proverb". Knowing the sender as I do, I opened the attachment and it is a .pps format (MS Power Point).

My question is, is there something silly doing the rounds or is it quite harmless? The full title of the attachment is Chineseproverb_1.pps. I have scanned it and it came up clear, but with something like this there is always a niggling doubt about it.

If it does what it says on the tin, it would be very nice, but I suspect it has been forwarded many times and was started by someone with a vivid imagination!!



  jimv7 19:04 12 Jun 2006

Email your friend and ask if he sent it, before you open it.

  VoG II 19:06 12 Jun 2006

It is safe - link to file posted on a safe site click here

  TonyV 19:09 12 Jun 2006

Too late! I have already opened it after scanning it. There doesn't appear to be a problem with the machine, but I do recall someone sending me a reminder about e mails being sent out relevant to Invitations which was actually a very nasty piece of kit! I'm just trying to be careful!

I've tried to ring but there was no response just now. They are probably out in the sunshine!


  TonyV 19:10 12 Jun 2006

Yes, that's the one! As if!!


  VoG II 19:10 12 Jun 2006

It is a bit like a chain letter.

  TonyV 19:14 12 Jun 2006

Exactly what I thought and I will let it die with me here. When it arrived on my machine it had been sent to over twenty addresses who are probably going through the same anguish that I went through. Thanks for your comments. Will tick now.


  wolfie3000 21:48 12 Jun 2006

I hate these things they should put on it luck cannot be given to you by emailing a power point presentation.

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