children and playing web based games

  Boy Zone 10:33 23 Aug 2008

Can anyone please advise me, I'm trying to identify some free s/w which I can download to prevent my niece's son from playing a game called 'Room Scape'. I did try to download a program called 'K9' but this seemed to prevent the PC from starting up.
SHe wants to have parential control over some sites her son visits.
Other than taking away the keyboard these kids play this game all through the night, OK so he the boy in question is 14 but it's had an effect on his behaviour.

  rob3600 11:05 23 Aug 2008

I'm no expert on this matter, but my son is the IT wizzard of the family now and even at 14 despite the fact we had prental controls on the internet he was still able to bypass these. So other that taking full control over the modem/router i.e turning it off of disconnecting it at night the young man may still find a way to play these games. My boy is now 17 and still playing on the internet all night until the early hours, hoping college will start again soon so that he can at least get back to a somewhat normal sleeping pattern. - Good luck I am sure you may be in for a bumpy ride :-)

  Pineman100 12:44 23 Aug 2008

Boy Zone - as rob3600 has said, it all depends on how computer-savvy your niece's son is. If he's a typical 14-yr-old computer wizard, it may be almost impossible to use software to prevent him from using the computer, or to control the sites he visits.

However, see whether this article is any help: click here

Personally, I reckon your keyboard/mouse confiscation technique is probably the most reliable route to go.

  technique 13:10 23 Aug 2008

If it's a shared computer - your niece's and her son share the same PC, then assuming the owner is the neice then she can edit her son's Account in Windows and create or edit a password for him to access the computer.

If he knows the password already, then she can change it and not tell him.

It sounds though like the computer is your great nephews if he's up all night playing games. She could instead switch off the router. We have that policy for our children. Router goes off at 9pm. And our eldest is 16!

It's going to be difficult if your neice's son is the administrator of his own computer. He would know his way around the internet and as one of the previous posters has stated, could get around most security. I once saw my daughters emails listed on her screen and she had many from Peacefire all entitled "circumventor tips" which we discovered later was a subscription to a site that updated it's members with new ways around networking restrictions. Her and her friends were using the tips at school because the school had restricted access to MSN Messenger and other non-school related websites! Kids are so inventive these days.

Anyway, minus the keyboard which I doubt would work for long, switching off the router (and even to the extreme of taking the cable out the back to prevent him sneaking downstairs to switch it back on) sounds like the easiest course of action.

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