Child Proof Belkin? Parents beware!

  Aargh 19:58 30 Aug 2006

I use a Belkin F5d-7632-4 modem/router, and I had set it up with Client IP filters to limit the kids night time activity on the web etc. I can successfully block all activity using the features on the router so at 10pm the named PC gets blocked - or so I thought!!!!

It seems the kids have worked out that by simply creeping into office and unplugging the power and plugging it back in, it reboots the router, which then ignores the scheduling rules until the next night!

Perhaps I should be pleased I've got resourceful kids, but before I resort to less technical means, anyone know a way to lock down this router and avoid this trick?

  ade.h 20:26 30 Aug 2006

Apart from strapping the kids down, you mean? ;o)

I happily don't have to face this problem yet, but I'm sure that I will in future have to take some imaginative steps to prevent such shenanigans!

As for routers, there's nothing that can be done to prevent your offspring from resetting them. Software on their PCs would be the obvious answer.

  Danoh 22:35 30 Aug 2006

LOL!! I hope my 2 doesn't get to read this thread or they will get another idea to circumvent my current setup with Client filters!!
They'll got an alternative of hitching a ride on one of 2 unsecured wireless networks which they can scan... Will probably have to reduce the sensitivity of their wireless adapters or aerials.... < sigh >

Not much help, sorry. Just a bit of moral support!

  Forum Editor 23:48 30 Aug 2006

Whilst understanding your concern I'm bound to comment on your childrens' resourcefulness - I'm sure you're right to say that in a sense you should be pleased with their problem-solving abilities.

At the risk of being presumptious, might suggest that you consider explaining to them why you're concerned enough to want to impose this limitation? You don't mention their ages, but if night-time use of the internet is a clue they're probably old enough to take a fairly robust explanation. I've been in the same position, and a heart to heart discussion worked surprisingly well.

Feel free to ignore my advice - I know each circumstance is different.

Apropos the router - I don't know of a way to achieve your objective.

  Aargh 20:33 01 Sep 2006

Ages 17 & 13 - MSN becomes more important than sleep!

£5.99 buys a yale lock for the office then.

  Danoh 00:12 02 Sep 2006

LOL!! It must be a universal parents' problem!

  spuds 21:33 02 Sep 2006

Resourceful teenagers-Yale lock-Locksmith-Duplicate keys. You not on a winner there methinks ;o)

Thought about a parental control program on the computer?.

  ade.h 22:23 02 Sep 2006

13 and 17 eh? Explains your username ;o)

I agree with spuds that a well-configured parental control app may help. Assuming that it cannot be prevented from being run in the first place....

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