Chicken and egg situation: install "8.1" update or AV first?

  sydsnott 14:11 03 Mar 2015

I have now bought and received the Medion Erazer Machine that I was requesting advice about last week, and it is pristine! The previous owner has as agreed, restored it to Factory settings so it now has no AV and is running Windows 8.

Prior to going on the net and downloading the "Windows 8.1" update, or what ever; I would expect that I will need [AV] protection, but will what ever I decide to install endure beyond the update to "8.1"?

Not sure which free version to go for anymore,... I've been well served by AVG Free for 10 years or more, the current iteration on my Vista PC is AVG 9.0.935 which I have stuck with mainly because the intrusive advertising banners have been "tuned out" thanks to the help of PCA Forum members!

Since this is my first "Power" laptop, and it has both conventional Hard disk and Solid State drives, I'm not sure if these features would dictate the choice of product.

My limited knowledge and experience directs me toward AVG.... I presume the latest edition is beset with advertising banners and pop-ups badgering you to upgrade to the paid product, ...and that they can be "tamed"!

I am also aware that Avast is one of the best Free AV's, but since I have no experience of using it, I'm not confident I could use it as easily as AVG.

Grateful for any thoughts or advice please.

  Pine Man 15:29 03 Mar 2015

but will what ever I decide to install endure beyond the update to "8.1"

Yes, as long as it is designed to work on the new operating system.

  sydsnott 15:41 03 Mar 2015

Thanks Pine Man, I last installed AVG on a new installation of XP, a few years back now!

I asked the AVG Free forum using a protected machine and was pointed at a file to download.

Transferring that file to the unprotected machine, as I recall caused it to immediately connect to the AVG site before completing the installation!

Is there a way to avoid that exposure risk, slight though it may be?

  Secret-Squirrel 16:03 03 Mar 2015

Syd, if you want to download the complete version of AVG Free rather than the "online installer" then you get it from here. The second and third from the top are the ones I mean.

By the way, don't worry too much about "pop-ups badgering you to upgrade to the paid product" as you'll only get one every couple months or so.

  john bunyan 16:24 03 Mar 2015

My grandchildren have AVG (free) but I find it a bit slow and clumsy. I have Avira on a laptop and Avast on a desktop. Of the three, I find Avast is quickest and best.

Free Avast Filehippo

  rdave13 17:01 03 Mar 2015

Windows 8 has an AV running automatically. Defender (not the best security program in the world) will be good enough to run until you update to 8.1. Then decide what better AV to use. That's the way I'd go.

  Secret-Squirrel 17:42 03 Mar 2015

...........I forgot to mention Syd: Windows 8 will need to install quite a few updates first before you're offered the 8.1 upgrade so don't be concerned if it takes a few days to appear.

  robin_x 00:32 04 Mar 2015

Completely free software is available for most requirements.

Paying for Full Versions, to gain extra features, should be decided only when you are sure you need them.

No use filling your hard drive with lots of £15s or whatever.

  Secret-Squirrel 11:45 04 Mar 2015

"......Full time protection etc comes to mind with the pay for versions...............Is there a free Security program that gives you full time protection."

All the main free AVs have real-time protection. That means that it's constantly checking websites, emails and files as they're being accessed - just like the paid-for versions.

If you checked the AV-testing reports from reputable testing labs then you'd see that the free versions are very effective at protection, detection and removal.

The last two malware infections I dealt with professionally were users of paid-for security suites so it's naive to assume that those users will never get infected and therefore don't need to backup regularly with Acronis or similar.

  tullie 14:06 04 Mar 2015

Agree with SS,no need to pay for security,anyone that says you do,is being conned.

  sydsnott 16:09 04 Mar 2015

Wow! so much information, both on here and articles online about Windows 8 and 8.1 also about the myriad flavours of AV, paid and free which are compatible with "W8" and "8.1"!

Thanks for all your comments, I'll attempt to reply:

Secret-Squirrel, Thanks for the direct Link, I think last time, I must have downloaded the installer by mistake!

john bunyan, have to agree about AVG, with my ailing Vista install, it damned near comes to a full stop when it's doing it's weekly full scan! That said, I'm struggling to master this new machine and also "Windows 8", so I think I'll take the line of least resistance and go with what I know...even though that too might have changed a bit!

rdave13, that's handy! thanks for that gem. This afternoon was the first time I've booted it, and after accepting the express settings and having a look around, I was surprised to find lurking behind a screen, a notification from "Windows Essentials" in what appears to be Dutch! It was asking me for confirmation of something and when I tried to close the window another message in dutch appeared!! No idea why Dutch as I selected English when setting up!

Since I couldn't banish it, I then had to find where they had hidden the power button! Ha Ha!

Jock1e, Agreed, you do get what you pay for, but as robintheumpteenth says, I too have always found free AV adequate and I don't really feel it necessary to go the paid route. My browsing habits are unlikely to change despite the power of the beast! Someone once said to me, No AV software can make up for a lack of common sense and awareness on the net! :)

Final conundrum ...for now! I stumbled upon my "Onedrive" account, which seems to have been automatically linked to the laptop! problem is I can only see one or two of my folders, certainly not the bulk of my stuff!

How do I correct that?

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