Cheyenne Bitware 3.30 and Windows XP Pro

  Drpeter 15:01 09 Mar 2005

I have been using Bitware happily on 98 SE, but after I lost EVERYTHING on a HDD failure, I now have XP Pro. My modem Intel HaM Data Fax Voice (which is reported as working properly) and my AMD Athlon XP 1700+ have not changed. After I download Bitware 3.30(which says that it run on XP) and run the Bitware.exe, it installs disc 1, disc 2 and .doc, but does NOT install the program - which also does not show up on the control panel list.
Any advice would be much appreciated!

  Drpeter 09:45 10 Mar 2005

For the first time ever - forum has not been able to solve a problem for me! I presume that Bitware 3.30 is too old - even if it is claimed to work in XP.
As an alternative, can anyone recommend a simple fax program which does work in XP (either freeware or cheap shareware)- please?
Thank you,

  vinnyT 16:14 10 Mar 2005

This link takes you to the fax s/w page/s (loads of listings), not used any but maybe you can find something of use.

click here

Hope this helps.

  Drpeter 16:29 10 Mar 2005

Many thanks VinnyT - I will try one or two, Peter

  961 16:29 10 Mar 2005

I found Bitware the tops. However, I couldn't get it to work with XP. The basic reason I believe is that Cheyenne was taken over and you can buy an up to date version at, last time I looked, about £70

  Drpeter 10:52 18 Mar 2005

Specially addressed to 961.
How did you uninstall Bitware, which did not work on XP? It has not appeared on my control panel and did not install an uninstall file. (I did not notice this lack for a few days, so will lose quite a lot if I do a System Restore!)
Any advice would be much appreciated,

  vinnyT 11:41 18 Mar 2005

Hi again Drpeter, it's years since I used BW, so I'm not sure about this.

If you go into the installed directory (ie c:\windows\bitware... or whatever dir you installed to), there maybe a file named unist.* and if you double click this, it should start the uninstall routine (it works on many other progs).

Is the installation of BW causing probs. if not, there is not really any point in doing a system restore and losing work.

Hope this helps.

  961 12:36 18 Mar 2005

You should find bitware in the add/remove in control panel. Then go to programme files on the hard drive and you'll find the bitware file. You'll probably need to delete the various files one by one

  Drpeter 23:35 18 Mar 2005

Unfortunately, there are no uninst* files, or anything like it in the Bitware directory (folders), nor does it appear in the Add/Remove section of the control panel - hence my query.
As vinnyT says - it is not causing a problem at present, but may do when I install another fax program wanting to use the same COM port.
So, either I shall burn back-ups of any work I will lose by a system restore, or delete the files one by one - also in the registry.
Anyway, many thanks to all,

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