Cherry wireless mouse & keyboard help needed

  JConcept4 20:50 11 Mar 2009

Evening peeps,

Bought myself a wireless keyboard and mouse a few mths ago, all was working fine until I dropped the mouse. It wouldn't connect again so thought i must of killed it. Ordered a new mouse, the same cherry brand and model but now I can't get that to connect to the USB wireless adapter from the old set.

What im doing at the minute is using the old usb adapter to link the keyboard and the new usb adapter to link to the mouse. So basiclu im using to wireless USB adapters.

Is there a way of making the new mouse connect to the old adapter or can they only be linked to the adapter they are shipped with. I've tried everything I can think of but nothing will let me use one adpater for both devices.

Please help me before I go mad

  Technotiger 20:57 11 Mar 2009

Only guessing, but do the items in question have a Channel switch - maybe need to make sure the items are on the same Channel - there are often two channels to choose, just numbered 1 and 2.

  Stuartli 20:57 11 Mar 2009

Normally when first installing or renewing batteries for a wireless keyboard and mouse set, you have to designate a channel to each device.

There is normally a simple routine to undertake each time and the manual should explain it (the underside of my keyboard contains graphics of the steps to take).

  JConcept4 21:03 11 Mar 2009

instructions are really basic and it doesn't mention anything about channels, also can't find any switches or buttons on the devices and adapter other than the connect button.

Im still messing with them but no joy

  Technotiger 21:04 11 Mar 2009

Channel switches are usually underneath.

  JConcept4 21:23 11 Mar 2009

nope none on the mouse or keyboard or adapter bud

its the cherry barracuda keyboard and mouse set, althought the mouse is a liberty m6650

  Technotiger 21:33 11 Mar 2009

On further investigation (Google of course) I agree there is no channel switch. I would expect each adapter has its own Channel which is not inter-changeable. Looks as if you will have to continue using both adapters!

  JConcept4 21:37 11 Mar 2009

thanks for the help people

think I might chuck the lot in the bin and get a nice wired set

  Technotiger 21:42 11 Mar 2009

You could still use them I guess as they are.

Anyway, sorry we couldn't offer any better help.

Don't forget to Green-tick this thread as Resolved - even if it isn't!


  Stuartli 22:29 11 Mar 2009

Have you tried the Cherry website?

click here

  JConcept4 23:08 11 Mar 2009

cherry website offers no help one bit

might contact them but I reckon it could be a waste of space

yep can still use them, its just the old usb adapter flashes as it wants the mouse to link to it and its bloody annoying

thanks again for the help

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