Chenbro PC61319 Case

  Gaz W 12:18 22 Jun 2003

I want to purchase the above case. There is more information about this case at the following web site:

click here

I want to purchase it from here:

click here

However, I don't want a power supply, since I have just purchased a good quality 550W dual-fan one, which should be compatible, and purchasing without the power supply should save me some money. I want some of the extras, like the optional side venting air duct, and the OEM front bezel if it looks as good as the one in the picture, although I have never seen it.

I can email Micro Direct about this, but I want to know what I'm getting first.

  Gaz W 12:22 22 Jun 2003

Forgot to mention that my floppy drive is an LS-120 "Super Disk" drive, and the button on the front is not mechanical; it's electric, and has a hole in the middle of it in case the electric mechanism doesn't work. This might be a bit of a problem when it comes to the built-in floppy drive front. I could use a strong adhesive to stick the button in place, but don't know what, and also the button is unlikely to have a hole in it, and I can imagine drilling one would result in a mess!

  SEASHANTY 16:25 22 Jun 2003

I see that the Chenbro case has FOUR 5.25 inch bays. You could therefore, use one of these for the LS-120 drive. Suitable adaptors to do this should also be available at M.D. Pity you cannot call in to their Upper Brook Street M/cr. store to view the case. I don't think they will allow you to buy the case without the PSU if it comes with this. You can always keep it for a spare.

  Gaz W 17:03 22 Jun 2003

I could call in to their store, but most things seem to be either in boxes or behind the counter. Since the PSU is optional I think it's ridiculous that they don't let you buy it without. They are probably buying it without and fitting a cheaper 300W one themselves!

I already bought a 300W power supply, hardly used it, then bought this 550W one, so I was after a case without the power supply.

Does anyone know of anywhere else I can get it?

  Gaz W 17:05 22 Jun 2003

Is there no way I can use the LS-120 drive in the floppy bay provided then? It would be a bit of a waste if I had to use an adapter, and I wasn't thinking of getting another floppy drive to go in there.

  SEASHANTY 15:07 23 Jun 2003

Have just compared the normal floppy drive with the LS 120 drive I have (Purchased 2 years ago and I have never used it) Pretty similar size to the normal floppy. I think that these new slit openings in the modern PC cases must have the faceplate of the normal floppy drive modified. Not positive on this because I have none of this type of case. Perhaps someone who has will come in on this. If not then try to find out on Mfrs website if these cases will take it or not. I bought my LS-120 drive from MicroDirect so they could probably tell you.

  Gaz W 22:25 23 Jun 2003

I got my LS-120 from a computer fair about three years ago, but it's probably the same. The button doesn't come out when a disk is inserted like the standard floppy drives, and is more like the Eject button on CD/DVD drives, so it might make the button on the front of the case very loose unless I can use double sided tape or something.

  Gaz W 22:44 23 Jun 2003

By the way, I have used a case like that once, and any normal drive will fit into it, but I never tried the LS-120 drive in it.

Does anyone use an LS-120 drive with a built in slot for floppy drives on the case itself? If so, did you need to make any modifications?

  SEASHANTY 11:09 24 Jun 2003

Seems as if its going to be difficult to get this info Gaz. I presume that not many people are using the LS120 drives these days. Hence your computer fair buy. Now that the lightweight USB pen type storage drives are available with capacities from 64MB to 256MB not gonna be much demand for the floppy type drives. I've recently purchased a 128MB one from SVR Communications for £30 and MicroDirect had the 128MB "Tiny" USB drive on at £19 + vat over the weekend. They are easy to use,store and transfer files to another PC very quickly - convenient! No wonder then that some PC makers have now stopped including a floppy drive with their new models. You may have to ask MD, after all, if the floppy will fit. Re the case - most of the Chinese made cases including the Chenbro come with PSU's already fitted. Only exceptions seem to be the aluminium cases. Wish you luck..

  Gaz W 14:36 24 Jun 2003

On the specs list (first link I gave at the top) for the Chenbro case, it says that the power supply is optional. Maybe I'll just go ahead and buy it and keep the 300W one as a spare. The only thing I was worried about would be invalidating the warranty by changing the power supply. It might be best if I make sure the case is working with the original power supply still in it first, then replace it after.

I got a 550W power supply because when I remember when 300W was considered powerful and suddenly it's nowhere near enough, and I am likely to be upgrading this system a lot.

I contacted Micro Direct on Sunday to see about getting the optional vents at the side to find out what the OEM front bezel is, but am still awaiting their reply.

Thanks for your help.


  SEASHANTY 15:04 24 Jun 2003

Well if its optional they should supply it without. M.D. seem a little tardy at present. I am about to e-mail them shortly regarding the net order they were supposed to be sending me via Amtrack yesterday. Should have arrived today. Hasn't yet. It would have been quicker to go down by bus today and pick it up but they will not let you do that with net orders. Have kept a couple of spare PSU's since the one in a "Quantex" PC blew up after 6 months from new. Now have 3 spare units including a 550W dual fan. See that MD now have triple fan units on offer!

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