Checksum Error

  Southernboy 14:07 08 May 2006

After the three year on-site warranty expired on 30th April, my son's computer developed errors on 4th May!

When switching on, the computer booted but no display on the monitor. I had had a similar error on my own PC a few weeks ago, although the next time I switched on, everything worked normally. Nevertheless, I Emailed Evesham who gave me a guide to carry out if it hapened again, which involved disconnecting everthing except the Mouse/Keyboard/Monitor/Power Supply. Then disconnect the Power Supply and hold down the on-button for 30 seconds, before reconnecting everything. Fortunately, I have not needed to do this.

We tried this on my son's Evesham computer. Needless to say, it did not work. Since we were out of guarantee, my son (who is braver than I) opened up his computer and discovered that there was a second graphics card on the Leadtek motherboard. He switched the cables and we got a display. I never knew he had two graphics cards in this PC.

However, all sorts of problems ensued, and he carried out a System Restore using a point of 1st March 2006. It took simply ages, but when completed things seem to work except that the screen resolution had become so small as to be illegible. It was easy enough to change back to 800x600. However, the date and time had changed to 01/01/02 and the time to 00:00. I imagine this was the date Evesham prepared the installation disc. The PC was actually purchased on 30/04/03. He has corrected this and will see what happens the next time he switches on.

However, when booting up, he got a screen not seen before, but headed LEADTEK, which states
"Checksum Error Defaults Loaded, Press F1 to continue". Could this be the source of the problems after changing the graphics card over?

Is there anything we can do to repair this PC, please? Non-technical language would be appreciated if possible.

  Diodorus Siculus 14:16 08 May 2006

It means that the CMOS battery on the motherboard has died - they generally last a little longer but if you don't use the PC for a long period, then they can wear out.

Change CMOS Battery?
click here

  Southernboy 14:50 08 May 2006

Firstly, the date and time change has taken. Switching on shows correct date and time.

Secondly, he use his PC virtually every day. I find it hard to believe that the battery has failed. My previous PC ran perfectly for 6 years before the battery failed.

How would a battery failure affect the display? And if it had failed, why is it now working using the "alternative" graphics card?

Sorry, but I am not sure I understand.

  Diodorus Siculus 15:47 08 May 2006

Wait for a more informed opinion then.

  ed-0 16:11 08 May 2006

has mentioned it could mean that the battery is going.

It can also mean, because you are using a different vga output from the motherboard. That the checking of the bios's regestered components do not match ( i.e. the sum ). So the checksum is bad, it does not add up. The bios will be then re-written when you press F1 and saved.

It would be the same as using the " reset configuration " setting inthe bios.

You would just need to reset the bios settings, date + cpu speed + memory , manually to run correctley.

A bit of info on checksum click here

  Southernboy 10:09 09 May 2006

Switching on today, the date has reverted again to 1st January 2002. Once again, I had to press F1 to complete startup, so it seems nothing was "saved" from last time.

I am sorry, but I am completely lost here. What is "VGA output"?

I have absolutely no idea how to "reset the bios".

It seems, from what you have said, that three things have happened, namely

1. The Graphics Card has failed.
2. The battery is failing
3. Using the "second" graphics card has totally cocked-up the system.

As a total novice I have to respect the knowledge of you all but, is it likely that the graphics card AND the battery could have failed at about the same time? Is it possible that one event (whatever that might be) could have affected the computer, causing these various problems?

Is there any way out of this or are we facing the purchase of a new computer?

  ed-0 10:52 09 May 2006

If it has reverted back to the old time and date, i.e. 1/1/2002, then it's your cmos battery.
You need to buy a new one and replace it on the motherboard. A fairly easy job to do. You can buy them at maplins.

If you run this free programme, click here everest, you will find that it will tell you the make and model of your motherboard. post the details here and we can show you were the battery is on the motherboard.

It should cost about £3 to £4.

  ed-0 11:02 09 May 2006

" I am sorry, but I am completely lost here. What is "VGA output"?"

it's just the connector on the back of a graphics card.

"3. Using the "second" graphics card has totally cocked-up the system."

It could be. It maybe that now you are using onboard graphics and you could have been connected to a dedicated graphics card before. If the graphics card has failed and onboard graphics is not setup properley in the bios, it could cause these problems.

I think a battery must be your first choice.

  Southernboy 11:16 09 May 2006

I will pass all these suggestions to my son.

  Southernboy 14:02 09 May 2006

I found how to access the BIOS and tried to change the date and time, but could not work out how to do it.

Can anyone help, please?

  ed-0 17:09 09 May 2006

I thought you had already changed it, my mistake.

Just for the record, usually to enter the bios you press the delete key as the machine starts up.

To change the time and date;

Use the down arrow to move to the date. Now use the PgUp or the PgDn key on the right of the keyboard to change the date and time. Press the enter or the right arrow button to move to the right. The keys will depend on what motherboard you use.

When you have the correct date and time, press the F10 button to save and exit. You must use a y to save the settings.

It would be more clearer if you ran that programme to find what motherboard you have.

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