Checkout your new new Windows Update Screen ?

  mooly 06:54 02 Oct 2009

Nothing to install but noticed a lot of disc activity this AM at boot. Looked in WU
Windows update screen has a new face :) in Vista anyway.

  Sparkly 06:59 02 Oct 2009

No change here mooly same as allways, Vista Home Premium.

  mooly 07:03 02 Oct 2009

It looks totally different, much better and the updates (optional ones I haven't installed) now have a "reading pane" at the right with detailed description of update... maybe your PC hasn't done an update check yet today... maybe force one manually.

In view updates a new update agent installed.

  Sparkly 07:27 02 Oct 2009

Jusy forced one nothing to update look forward to seeing the change sounds more user freindly.
(how sad,looking forward to a M$ update)

  mooly 07:48 02 Oct 2009

Could it be because I'm running MSE (security essentials) I wonder?

General info here, from my installed update screen.
click here

  chub_tor 08:22 02 Oct 2009

Tried the regular update and it wasn't found so tried your link. On first go at running it was refused "need to be an administrator", didn't understand that as I am the only user, so downloaded and saved it. Then ran it as an administrator and it worked fine.

It looks good with a lot more update information available.

  mooly 08:26 02 Oct 2009

Mine just did it on it's own, presumably when WU did it's daily check.
I have WU set to "notify" only but it went ahead and did it anyway.

  Sparkly 08:50 02 Oct 2009

mooly followed your link and installed much better GUI as chub_tor says "It looks good with a lot more update information available."

  woodchip 08:56 02 Oct 2009

Also if you changed to Classic Desktop it will not be seen

  cocteau48 10:26 02 Oct 2009

I have not tried my Vista lappy this morning but did try to access the XP Microsoft Update site via my normal bookmarked link.

"403 ERROR -FORBIDDEN ACCESS DENIED you do not have the credentials to access this information"

Accessed the same page via a fresh Google link and was told that I needed to upgrade my software in order to access the site ... which it then proceeded to do without giving me the chance to say yes or no.

All back to normal now but I have never seen that before.

  Woolwell 11:04 02 Oct 2009

You have to use IE to get it. It refused my Firefox.

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