checking mails on server from one OE address?how

  p;3 10:51 15 Jun 2005

am trying to see if I can program my OE (F.E. falls off his chair and goes for a strong cup of...or maybe glass of..)to check for mails on one of my servers ;Mailwasher is doing very nicely with my main address, but I am probably having to change my mail notification address with another forum I am registered with, as their mail notifications are somehow being, we think, rejected , as possible spam;(we are still working on that issue)
I have two addresses I use in OE, one of which I wish, if possible, to program to check a server every perhaps 30 mins or so, but do not wish BOTH addrsses to do this as spam is going to my main address and I catch that in mailwasher and chuch it from that server; the other address is, so far, spam-free ;

(or; I have to install the other version of mailwasher?)
I have had a look t this but it seems that all my oe addresses will be affected by any changes I make for this,and knowing that spam does go to one of the servers , I wish to keep that address out of the changes:)

  p;3 19:02 15 Jun 2005


  octal 19:53 15 Jun 2005

I'm trying to make sense of what you are trying to do, so let me see if I've got it straight.

You've got two email address, one you check with mailwasher because you get spam, the other is spam free which you want to use for the other forum.

I think there are two issues here, firstly the free version of Mailwasher will only check one email account at a time, the answer to that would be to buy the full version to check multiple accounts.

The other issue is one of timing, checking the emails on the server at a predetermined time interval. I don't use OE but all the email clients I do use you are able to set each account to call the server at different time intervals to check for new emails, I should think OE should be able to do that, maybe someone can tell you when they read this.

Sorry if I've got the wrong end of the stick, but its an age thing you know!

  DieSse 21:40 15 Jun 2005

Set your old one to not be included in the standard check (see the tick box on the front page of the account properties.

Set OE to be checked every 30mins.

  p;3 21:52 15 Jun 2005

my Mailwasher is checking very nicely the account that gets the spam, and I am able to check and delete on server those mails, then download the safe ones into oe; my other address , that I can now reach through OE, is so far "clean" and to it I may well have to direct mail notifications from a professional forum that I am on as mails from that forum are not reaching me despite the fact that I am told that they are apparently being sent ( I am in discussions about that elsewhere); I am not sure just how I can program OE to check just the one server that I am interested in checking ; I am so far checking it manually, but, if I am to give the other forum the mail address for notifications,then it would help if I could program OE to check just that particular server; does that make sense?

  DieSse 22:01 15 Jun 2005

"I am not sure just how I can program OE to check just the one server that I am interested in checking"

You do it as I said in the post above - disable the checking for the one(s) you don't want to check. It's as simple as take the tick out of the box!

  p;3 22:08 15 Jun 2005

the only way I can see to do that is under General Options tab, which I believe will affect all the accounts and not just the one? I can see no option to do that if I look in the individual accounts:((

  DieSse 22:12 15 Jun 2005

No - there is a box for each account - in each accounts settings. Tools - Accounts - Properties - at the bottom is a tickbox, which says "Include this account...etc"

Untick it for the accounts you don't want to check

  VoG II 22:14 15 Jun 2005

Tools | Accounts.

Select the one that you do not wanr to download. Double click it. On the General tab untick "Include this account............"

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