Checking email addresses in Hotmail

  Mind-Meld 03:45 01 Jan 2005

Happy New Year All.

I have an urgent query regarding Hotmail, that’s why I’m posting at this ungodly hour. Recently, I seem to be receiving a lot more junk mail which enter my inbox rather than automatically being transferred to the 'junk email' folder.

Is there any way I can check who the actual sender is (ie the specific email address of the sender) since the sender is often labelled as 'delivery confirmation' or 'order tracking confirmation' for example? The email address may well be genuine since I do order items online but I am reluctant to open it in case it contains any malicious code.

Even when I delete obvious junkmail such as the ‘freelaptop’ types many of you are probably familiar with, the junkmail section does not display the email address of the sender it just displays the sender as ‘freelaptop’ and not [email protected] for example.

Any help would be appreciated.

  LinuxPenguin 03:49 01 Jan 2005

hotmail cant do that, but if youve had your hotmail account for long enough, you will be able to access it through a mail client such as outlook (altho i wouldnt recommend outlook, try thunderbird click here )

from there youll be abloe to set up your priveleges, just make sure you have a good virus scanner

  Meshuga 08:33 01 Jan 2005

Hi Mind-Meld, I`m getting the same messages and since I have nothing ordered for delivery it is obviously bogus. Do NOT open it, consign it to the bin.Same goes for the Free??? laptop.

  LinuxPenguin 16:22 01 Jan 2005

what you can do is set your junk filter t oonly allow your contacts to contact you... then just check the junk box every day for anything you might want

imo its best to change email acccounts regularly thou, or use an obscure name a random generator wont guess... (and make it long too)

also dont post your email address on the web, i never post my gmail, if i think im going to get spam i use a disposable hotmail account

  Mind-Meld 19:57 01 Jan 2005

You are right in your caution of never opening unknown emails, I never do though I have been tempted once or twice.

I'll look in to accessing hotmail via another source.

Thanks Linuxpenguin and Meshuga.

  bremner 20:04 01 Jan 2005

In Hotmail click on the 'Options' tab on the right hand side.

At the next screen select the Mail tab.

Then choose ‘Mail display settings.’

In message headers click ‘full’

Now on each message you will get the full header displayed giving details of the transmission including the sender

  LinuxPenguin 20:57 01 Jan 2005

oh, that option cantve been around long, i was looking for a similar thing myself...

  Mind-Meld 16:13 08 Jan 2005

Thanks Bremner

I actually knew about your suggestion but I was actually referring to viewing the email address on the inbox page itself (where it displays a full list of all the emails sent and the abbreviated addresses of the email senders).

I wasn't referring to viewing the email address once a particular message is opened. I prefer not to open any unknown email at all.

Any other ideas?

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