Checkdisc repeatedly

  Gav5 20:34 04 Jun 2009

Hi Folks,

The last half dozen times or so i've booted-up, the checkdisc has run 4 times. Is this an indication that my hard-disk is on the way out ? It also makes clicking noises and the system freezes for a second.
This is my second disk in two years !! when i replaced it 8 months ago (Samsung spinpoint 500GB), the previous one was doing similar, eventually stalling at 52% of the checkdisc. My windows disk couldn't recover it.
I've heard that anti-piracy software on modern games can damage hardware - is this accurate ?
Any suggestions appreciated.

  phono 20:52 04 Jun 2009

Download and run the HD manufacturer's diagnostic software, it will soon tell you if your drive is on the way out.

  OTT_Buzzard 20:55 04 Jun 2009

Noises from hard drives are rarely good.....
If you have a spare IDE / SATA cable it may be worth changing the lead over, especially if it was the same lead that you used on the last HDD. Make sure that when the lead is fitted that it is properly secured.

Also can you check what temperature your HDD is running at? Software like Everest Home Edition (no longer supplied by the company, but still available online for free download from various sources) will give the info. Alternatively Everest Ultimate Edition (click here) 'only' costs $40.
High operating temperatures is a very quick way to kill a hard drive.....

I've never heard of anti-pracy software damaging hard drives, and I can't imagine a scenario on how it could without making the game unplayable, however that's not to say that it can't be true.

  Gav5 21:12 04 Jun 2009

Thanks for the info,

I'll try the diagnostic software.

I used a new cable last time i changed disks. The temps are pretty good, i've 6 big fans in there keeping my cpu around mid twentys and the system under 30.

I'll post the results of the diagnostic.


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