Check your BT line rental charges

  Halmer 18:46 02 Aug 2009

For anyone out there who has a line rental only package with BT please check your most recent two quarters charges.

Apparently a software glitch has meant that many have been 'upgraded' from basic line rental to an enhanced package.

The result is that you will have been overcharged £2.95 per month for up to seven months. I'm still trying to get my refund despite being promised it four times now in the last three months.

Not big money admittedly but as Tesco here

  bluto1 19:12 02 Aug 2009

Thanks for the heads-up, I'll be onto that first thing in the morning.

  Taff™ 07:07 03 Aug 2009

My partner has her line rental and an evening and weekend call package with OneTel since the end of 2006. (They are now part of TalkTalk) Over the last two months usage of the phone during the day has resulted in increasing bills so she phoned them two weeks ago and asked them to upgrade to an anytime package. This they said they could do at midnight that night - it didn`t happen!

Downloading the itemised bills in Excel I worked out that she was paying 13 pence per minute for a one minute local call. We reported this a couple of weeks ago and were told that this had probably been going on since the beginning however they still haven`t resolved the problem.

I`d advise everyone to check their telecom bills once in a while!

  Andsome 07:55 03 Aug 2009

Move to a cable area and get Virgin.

  Stuartli 09:50 03 Aug 2009

A somewhat drastic and highly expensive solution to a simple problem..:-)

  beeuuem 12:08 03 Aug 2009

Why get Virgin? Their call charges are among the highest, if not the highest, in the country.

  GaT7 12:42 03 Aug 2009

Thanks Halmer :-).

Andsome is quite clearly joking guys ;-), G

  Halmer 13:01 03 Aug 2009

I'm currently reading Richard Branson's autobiography.

Whilst it's a good read and he's a great man it doesn't engender any faith in his business acumen (as daft as it sounds)!

  Halmer 13:08 03 Aug 2009

you should be paying £12.50 per month less £1.25 for paperless billing if you've opted for it i.e. £11.25 per month.

I have been charged £15.45 per month for the last six months.

  Stuartli 13:24 03 Aug 2009

If it wasn't for having one foot in the grave, the virgin would suffice...

  beeuuem 15:45 03 Aug 2009

Just received my BT bill. Through sheer carelessness on my part they are getting £1-10 in call charges this quarter.

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