check outlook express from abroad

  the golfer 21:48 10 Jun 2005

Is there any program which will allow me to check my outlook express pop 3 email from another computer, particularly from abroad. I know there is webmail but it is not the same as OE. I know my blueyonder web mail has nothing to do with outlook express.

  EARLR 22:04 10 Jun 2005

How are you trying to access your mail? Cybercaf. or other?

  the golfer 22:09 10 Jun 2005

Simply by logging on to a computer abroad. Do I need a program to do this. Being a Senior I am a bit green at this.

  DieSse 22:17 10 Jun 2005

You can't look into your own OE mailbox without quite a clever setup.

I think you misunderstand the difference between POP mail and Web-Mail. Basically there is very little with most ISPs.

For the average ISP, where you have your POP mail server - you can look at the same server via Web Mail, from anywhere.

Let us know who your ISP is, and I or someone will tell you if it's possible, and how to do so.

  pauldonovan 22:29 10 Jun 2005

..if you are prepared to leave your PC switched on while away, would be to use GoToMyPc or something like it. It allows you to 'remote control' your PC securely over the internet.

I'd recommend just using webmail though, there's little difference and there are some public webmail servers that will grab your pop3 email if your ISP doesn't provide webmail.

Alternatively if messages are likely to be short you could setup pop3 on your mobile and ensure that there is GPRS access where you are going.

  pauldonovan 22:31 10 Jun 2005

..might be if your ISP/email provider allows for auto-forwarding of messages (assuming they don't provide webmail or webmail that you like).

You could then use something like hotmail and have your email forwarded to hotmail. It all depends on what you are trying to achieve.

  Dipso 00:16 11 Jun 2005
  the golfer 14:02 11 Jun 2005

My ISP is

  VoG II 14:12 11 Jun 2005

The easiest thing would be to use blueyonder webmail click here

  the golfer 15:01 11 Jun 2005

I already have blueyonder webmail, but I can't access outlook express with it. Do I have to close OE altogether, transfer all and continue using webmail?

  VoG II 15:05 11 Jun 2005

You don't need OE to access webmail. Just navigate your browser to the webmail site and read/write your messages.

When you get back from abroad, run OE and it should download all the messages (provided you didn't delete them in webmail).

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