check out this website, would you go or would you

  pj123 15:36 13 May 2003

give up.

this is a website of a friend. I think it is too personal rather that commercial. I think I would give up reading this site. does it need more impact?

  graham√ 15:38 13 May 2003

It needs a 'click here'!

  Djohn 15:45 13 May 2003

Give us a clue please, too many sites on the net to try and find it! ;o)

  pj123 15:46 13 May 2003

Sorry everyone. click here

thanks graham

  otubby1 15:59 13 May 2003

Seems ok for 30 quid a night. Being ex pats, I hope the breakfast is an English one, as you may guess from the handle, I like my grub :o)

  graham√ 16:01 13 May 2003

I'm sticking at '3 items remaining'.

  otubby1 16:10 13 May 2003

Did that to me the first time.

  graham√ 16:14 13 May 2003

I can't get it on AOL, but OK on IE.

  Hotfingers 16:16 13 May 2003

It looks good. I think a personal touch is always

  jospar 16:29 13 May 2003


had no problems loading, but found in the main page and direction that the text was too heavy and made the reading hard.

Also I think that I would have liked to see a map with the directions and prehaps some details what goes on around the area, where to vist.

sorry I'm being a bit picky

But it does sound nice though!

  pj123 16:39 13 May 2003

No, not being too picky. that is exactly what he wants to know.

There will be a map with directions eventually, there is also a personal itinerary sent out with every booking from your own Postcode to the destination.

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