Check out this site

  napster 21:23 22 Mar 2005

for the site just click here

  JonnyTub 21:41 22 Mar 2005

For a 13 year old, it's a very impressive site. I'm not quite sure of the implications of a 13 year old advising people on pc problems, you may find your age 'scares em off'.

  Forum Editor 22:25 22 Mar 2005

1. When publishing a web site, check the text very carefully for spelling and grammatical errors. Your site contains many of these, and nothing detracts more from a professional image than bad spelling and bad grammar.

2. Be very careful about stating as fact things which are opinion. Your "Did you know?" comment that "Bill Gates Microsoft Idea was stolen from Apple Originally" is an outright libel, and would result in a stiff letter fom Microsoft's lawyers if they spotted it. My advice is that you remove it very quickly. Kazaa itself is not illegal, and to say otherwise is another libel. Illegality enters the equation when people upload/download copyright-protected software/music/films.

3. Remove those car images - they aren't in any way connected with your content, and they make the site look amateurish. They are probably copyright-protected too, and unless you have the owner's permission you mustn't use them.

4. Your forum has an irritating pop-up, and that alone will deter people. There's probably not much you can do about this - it may come with the Bravenet territory.

The fact that you're 13 may well work against you, but I'm sure that many people would ignore the fact, as long as you were able to offer sound advice. Keep at it, and don't be too discouraged if things are quiet for a while. You're acquiring useful experience, and you're doing something that many people your age wouldn't contemplate. Look at other advice sites, and learn from them. You'll need to have a lot more content if you want to attract traffic, but it can be done. Good luck, and don't hesitate to ask if you need more help and/or advice.

  Forum Editor 23:34 22 Mar 2005

Stop posting multiple threads about your site all over the other forum areas. That's no way to behave at the ripe old age of thirteen, and I've deleted or closed all of them.

Let's not have any repetitions please.

  napster 23:21 24 Mar 2005

Which word's have I spelt wrong. And anotheer thing I have done what you advised. but the image is a theme from bravenet and is not copyrighted but i understand it is not appropiate. Im goin to change it. Thank You. Napster

  accord 08:02 25 Mar 2005

Comments on your website:

In my opinion, as this is what you have asked for, is that i dont like the boxes of content. you have to scroll down and over to read the text and what does CMPTR mean? your site is, i believe, offering help on computers and technology but this is shown in small font on a picture of an old building with a pond. whats that got to do with computers and technology???

From your links at the top re forum, links, vote etc there is no way of getting back to your home page apart from clicking back in the browser window.

I agree with the Forum Editor regards spelling mistakes and grammer. ie Capital letters where there shouldnt be. And how knowledgeable are your'mates' on computer related problems?

Anyway good effort but in my view, needs improvement.

Good luck

  Jackcoms 11:16 25 Mar 2005

"Which word's have I spelt wrong"

Well to start with, you don't need the apostrophe in 'words' - it's a plural. An apostrophe is only needed when a letter is missing. And where's the question mark got to?

If your English is really so bad, try click here

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 13:15 25 Mar 2005

Hi napster.

Well done on your website,i have signed your guestbook!.

remember to check mine out at click here

I am 14 years of age,so you beat me,*shakes hand*

  phil 15:46 25 Mar 2005

Accord said: a picture of an old building with a pond.

That's the blinkin' Louvre. Doh!!! Mais oui, mais oui.

  Senile Syd 18:13 25 Mar 2005

That's a good start, Declan. Good luck with it.

Please take FE's advice very seriously — you simply can't publish unsupported accusations without ending up in trouble. FE is also dead right about the effect of poor grammar, spelling and punctuation on your readers.

Finally, if I were you I'd either lose your 'mailto' link or munge it in some way. I had a similar 'helpful' link on every page of my own website. It wasn't there long before the spammers got hold of it and made my life a misery. I ended up changing my e-mail address, putting the (suitably munged) new one on every page, and e-mailing my entire Address Book to tell them what I'd done.

Stick with it. All the best

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