check out my configuration and tell me

  jimmy700us 12:56 28 Jan 2008

hey guys i have a good configuration my still my system is slow.... just tell me if my configuration is good. i have a 2gb ram, 160 gb hdd, intel 3.0 dual core processor, the 82945 intel mother board and original windows sp2 professional. still its slow.. like when i open multiple browsers in ie 7 it kinda takes time to open each window!!!! even with a 2 gb ram that too. kindly give me an idea... and when i start my computer the first thing that pops up after loging in is the my computer window. i dunnoo why it open by itself... kindly help meout... also it says some other.exe files are missing.

  brundle 13:04 28 Jan 2008

Should be very quick.

System File Check; click here
Disk check; click here

Complete anti-virus and anti-spyware scan. Free ones here (don't install more than one AV program at a time) click here
Recommended anti-spyware; AVG and SpywareTerminator, Superantispyware. You can have more than one anti-spyware product installed with no problems, but disable all but one `resident` scanner (anything which monitors your system in realtime)

Online AV scan here; click here

  BigRik 15:55 28 Jan 2008

If nothing brundle suggests makes any difference, take a look at the following link: click here.

  mrwoowoo 17:05 28 Jan 2008

Sometimes the prefetch can become clogged or corrupted leading to a very slow pc.

click here

  recap 19:20 28 Jan 2008

If you do have AVG installed this is a known resource hungry piece of software.

  David4637 19:31 28 Jan 2008

Try turning off AVG does that make a difference? Run CCleaner its good at getting rid of the Cra*.

Run c* before AVG.David

  jimmy700us 12:26 29 Jan 2008

well i dont have avg. i have bit defender 9 standard for anti virus, i use CCleaner everytime i log in so i dont have any waste in my comp. checked the thing that big rik told me none what so ever. still MyComputer window opens as soon as i log in as admin.and then i get some message as some file has to be deleted called other.exe. from the registry.and after i close all the mesages and the my computer window, im not able to access the start icon or the bottom tool bar until a while like some 1 minute... the cursor is showing the busy sign when i put it on the start icon! help me out guys plz

  rezeeg 15:42 29 Jan 2008

To remove other.exe click here

  jimmy700us 18:26 29 Jan 2008

dude that doeant help atall.... i tried everything... plz help me out. why does that my computer window open as soon as i log in????

  jimmy700us 07:03 30 Jan 2008

ok as soon as i log in what happenns is MY COMPUTER window open directly, and then after i close it i see a error message as. could not load or run C:windows\system32\config\win.exe after i close this message i get another one it says the could not find C:\windows\system32\config\win.exe. please type the exact path and search again. also tell em to delete this referance from the registry

these are the problem i get... so guys plz help me out

  Elkopop 17:36 30 Jan 2008

Keyboard has developed bleeng when typingfast and num lock wont act consistently when pressed on. Have swopped kboard with PS2 variety athis makes no difference. Problem first arose when using keys a s z x etc to control charac movement in WOW now the bleeping seems to raonly happen across most keys althougas im typing this it is not bleeping?? any one heany ideas. Winds thinks PS" 101-103 kboard has up to date drivers and is working fine. Am using Vista for last few months and this is first probem with keyboard. Numloclight wont stay on when pressed as wont Numlock Capital letters.Have set Keyboard speed to medium in Control Panel/Keyboard specs. Grateful for any ideas ! thanks

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