Check out my changes?... 02:45 18 Apr 2003

I know I have asked you before, and I thank you for your time, but...I have just finished re-vamping my site and would like to know if you can find any faults, or have any criticisms, however trivial they may be. You gave me a lot of help in the past and I have taken much of your advice. You've got four days off now, so if you get bored start nit picking. Cheers, Whiz... click here I'm off to bed now!

  User-312386 08:59 18 Apr 2003

What have you done mate

I don't like it at all

The old site was a lot better

The new one looks cramped

Just my opinion though as i do have fun reading your articles although it looks like you have just "chucked everything on the pages" which is unlike you


  -pops- 09:17 18 Apr 2003

I like your new site but that may be that you and I are of a similar vintage, barryoneoff, and we prefer things a bit quieter!

This may make me non-representative so wait for some more reactions!!

One very minor niggle is that dreadful "licky-licky" envelope thing to send an email - I think it spoils an otherwise sober and useful looking website.

Just my view.


  Mango Grummit 09:24 18 Apr 2003

Colour scheme is great. Content is well presented and interesting too. Good stuff Bazza, like it!

  Forum Editor 09:42 18 Apr 2003

prompts me to make a couple of comments.

I can see you've taken a lot of previous advice on board - and it shows. The site has a far better 'readability' factor now.

You've thought about layout, and the pages seem to me to be just what you want with a site of this nature. There's still a bit too much animation going on for my liking, but that's a personal thing - I think that animated gifs always mark a site with the label 'amateur'.

All in all this is a great improvement - now all you need to do is get rid of the background and settle for plain white..............and you have a really professional-looking site that has a future as a social history resource. 12:19 18 Apr 2003

I was wondering if I had gone overboard with the animations, I'll see what the rest have to say. FE, I know you have mentioned a plain white BG before but when I try it, it just seems to glare a bit. Although when I visit other sites it seems to be ok. It maybe that I spend too much time looking at my own, this is why I need other opinions when I update. I will give it a try anyway. Cheers. 22:54 18 Apr 2003

Thanks to those who emailed me too. I'll bung it back on top for a bit.
Cheers, Whiz...

  AndySD 23:02 18 Apr 2003

Its a major improvement from when I last looked. But I have to agree with china ...make the background white and remove the gifs. Just one other little personal gripe.... remove the counter it makes it look to..... well outdated. Otherwise I am impressed.

  howard60 07:37 19 Apr 2003

strange but true you have wil not will. Like your site I could spend a lot of time there. From an Ilford old wrinkly.

  Andsome 08:26 19 Apr 2003

I liked your first attempt. Even so it is now much improved. Sorry to disagree with FE, but I just hate glaring white backgrounds, please leave it as it is. Nice to see that you share a couple of my hobbies. I make all my own greetings cards, and aso enjoy digital photography.

More power to your elbow. Remember that it is OK to take on board criticisms, but one mans meat is another mans poison. It is YOUR site in the end. 14:18 19 Apr 2003

I am still wondering about adding the plain white BG, but most people who have emailed me seem to be happy with the present scheme. Has anyone got any points about the Cockney Forum I am working on? It has nothing to do with computers but suggestions would be welcome.
Cheers, Whiz.

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