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  AndySD 04:46 03 Oct 2006

Hi All

I have finally got arround to making a site for the family pub. The Harrow Inn click here can you please check for those blindingly obvious faults I have overlooked. A Trees and Wood situation. The garden page will be finished this week when I get the images and the Links page on Wednesday.


  ade.h 15:46 03 Oct 2006

I do not like pop-up links that do not open in the existing window when javascript is disabled or not supported.

The script is:


function init()
document.getElementById('survey_link').onclick = function()
var survey = makePopup(this.href, 640, 480, 'scroll');

return survey.closed;

return true;

function makePopup(url, width, height, overflow)
if (width > 640) { width = 640; }
if (height > 480) { height = 480; }

if (overflow == ' || !/^(scroll|resize|both)$/.test(overflow))
overflow = 'both';

var win =, ',
'width=' + width + ',height=' + height
+ ',scrollbars=' + (/^(scroll|both)$/.test(overflow) ? 'yes' : 'no')
+ ',resizable=' + (/^(resize|both)$/.test(overflow) ? 'yes' : 'no')
+ ',status=yes,toolbar=no,menubar=no,location=no'

return win;

function addLoadListener(fn)
if (typeof window.addEventListener != 'undefined')
window.addEventListener('load', fn, false);
else if (typeof document.addEventListener != 'undefined')
document.addEventListener('load', fn, false);
else if (typeof window.attachEvent != 'undefined')
window.attachEvent('onload', fn);
var oldfn = window.onload;
if (typeof window.onload != 'function')
window.onload = fn;
window.onload = function()

I think that's the right one - I'm a bit snowed under with javascript at the mo!

  ade.h 16:03 03 Oct 2006

I think the index page image should line up with the right edge of the banner.

The address colour looks odd - it should match the other text.

And that lemon cheesecake should be available all year round. That's a travesty!

  AndySD 20:59 03 Oct 2006

fourm member

The pud is known locally as The Harroe so I usaed a bit of designers leaway.

I was a bit dubious of the Java but it is interesting to learn a little of it, I will try ade.h's code tomorrow or just make a photo gallery.

Times new roman was their choice so it stays (customer knows best, even when its a freebee)

I will change to third person...ta thats what I was looking for.

Getting there is difficult but its only small and cosy inside and the Cricketers is ok...but its not The

Yep the toilets are accross the took a court battle to stop health and saftey from insisting the pub was knocked to bits to put what they claimed would be more hygncc inside toilets in the pub (Its one of the most unchanged pubs in the contry)


Thanks for the code, I will change the address colour. Oh and I will mention to the landlady your sugestion for the cheesecake, but she makes the sweets depending on the mood she is there may be a few choice word given in reply :-)


  Forum Editor 23:28 03 Oct 2006

I love the site,and can't wait to visit the pub, which I will do this winter. I'm often in Portsmouth where my brother keeps his boat, so we'll call in and sample some of that delicious-sounding food.

I'm with fourm member on the font question, I would definitely go for Verdana. I would also dispense with the caps on the food page. You've laid the menu out like a menu, which is fine, but it's not that easy to read. Try putting the header items in normal text, but in bold. If you're going for the menu look, why not go the whole hog, and put a border around it?

Move the telephone number - it should be under the address at bottom left.

Put the navigation links in bold.

I don't see the point of having the web address above the banner image - I'm on the site, so I know the address. It adds clutter to the pages.

Think really carefully about the way the ages are laid out. Do this:-

Click from 'Bars and dining areas' to 'Directions'

Now click to 'Food' and then to 'Beers and wines'

See how your eye has to jump around on the last two?

The aim is to make a site so that as you click from page to page there are no sudden jumps like that. It's not easy to put into words, it's something you arrive at by trial and error.

All in all it's an excellent site - you've achieved one very important objective, that of making the visitor want to sample the delights of the Harrow Inn.

  AndySD 23:41 03 Oct 2006

I hope you can pop in on a cold wet day, choose the public bar and order the soup with extra bread, dont order anything else except maybe a scotch egg (Nisa makes them with their own eggs so they go quickly) you wont eat anything more than that.

I have a day off tomorrow so will spend the afternoon tweaking it.

  Forum Editor 00:30 05 Oct 2006

Good luck with the tweaking.

  AndySD 14:41 05 Oct 2006

Ok so I have made some changes.

The font to veranda (still got to persuade them of this though)

Forced a scroll bar on browsers to stop the page moving.

The javascript has gone in its place is a simple html slide show.

Links are now in bold.

Need to adapt the Beers and wine page....any ideas?

  ade.h 15:48 05 Oct 2006

That's looking good, and I like the image wrap on the index page. I noticed the JS image fade on the Bars page, which I hadn't seen before. Looks nice - not overdone.

Could you add some alt text to your title graphics? That's particularly important when text is displayed as an image.

  AndySD 17:59 05 Oct 2006

Thanks for all the help

I have changed the image sizes on 2 and 3

I have also added the alt teat to the images throughout the site.

The beers will have to wait until tomorrow as I have run out of ideas for today.


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