Check Disc query.

  Andsome 12:13 22 Jan 2009

When I used to check the disc in W 98, the summary was there until closed. However, something that has always puzzled me with XP, is that the summary flashes up and disappears much too quickly to be of much use. I just have time to see 0 bytes in bad sectors, and then the summary disappears. If by chance one day there was a problem, would this window automatically stay open until closed by me?

  Pamy 15:02 22 Jan 2009

Chkdsk on its own will do what you describe

When in Windows and you run chkdsk /f, it will tell you that it cannot run while in windows and will ask if you want to do so at next bootup. Answere y and click enter key

  Andsome 15:33 22 Jan 2009

You have misunderstood the question. I have no problems in running it, and do so periodically. The result appears only briefly, and to date all that I have had time to see is that there are no bytes in bad sectors. my question is, that should a future scan show up problems, in that instance will the results window stay open until such time as I close it, so that I can see the problem? With the window closing so quickly, it is not seen unless I happen to be present at the very end of the scan.

  birdface 15:49 22 Jan 2009

Yes I agree with you.The screen closes far to quick so that you cannot see if there was any problems or not.Mind you I do not run it that often so it does not really bother me.but it would be nice to know.

  Pamy 15:50 22 Jan 2009

I do not think I have misunderstood, If as I said you just run chkdsk it will do what you describe.

If , however you run chkdsk /f it will run at the nect bootup if you say y and click enter.

chkdsk /f will check your system and make repairs and you will have plenty of time to see the results

  Pamy 16:14 22 Jan 2009

click here and read all

  Andsome 08:29 23 Jan 2009

None of the MS articles says whether or not in the event of any faults being found, the user will get chance to read that report. As I said, the finish report is on screen probably for less time than a couple of seconds, just long enough to see 0 bytes in bad areas, but not long enough to see whet the problem is if indeed problems have been found.

  Pamy 09:56 23 Jan 2009

I have just run chkdsk, as you do and I can stop it at any stage by pressing the Pause/break key ,just above the Page up key you restart the check by pressing the space bar. Is this what you are after?

  Andsome 10:02 23 Jan 2009

I will give that a try thanks, but it does not solve the fact that you have to be there exactly when the scan ends. What I am really after finding out is, should the scan find problems, does the scan result in that case stay on the screen until cancelled? It does appear that no one knows.

  Pamy 10:11 23 Jan 2009

If you run chkdsk /f you can see the scan action taking place and see the results, it will repair any faults so you do not nead to keep the scan on the screen

  woodchip 10:22 23 Jan 2009

To use it as you should, Double Click My Computer, then Right click on the Drive you want to check Tools Check Disc, tick the box to do a full scan

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