check browser version

  rickilambert 14:55 27 Apr 2008

hey peeps, im using an xp based machine with internet explorer, how do i check wht version it is running of internet explorer, thanks

  Technotiger 14:57 27 Apr 2008

Click on Help and then on About ...

  recap 14:57 27 Apr 2008

Open a browser window and click on Help/About Internet Explorer

  rickilambert 15:01 27 Apr 2008

ok well that isnt working, im seriously having problems with the broser at the mo as i think it is the old beta version of ie7, im having problems o the extent that i want to remove the brwser completly as simply downloading a newer one and instlling over the top wont work lol! how can i remove internet explorer compltley

  Technotiger 15:03 27 Apr 2008

Simply un-install IE7 (if that is what you have) using Add/Remove in Control Panel, and it will automatically revert to IE6.

  Technotiger 15:06 27 Apr 2008

PS - I still use IE6, but I also have Firefox, I can use either one just as I wish.

  rickilambert 15:09 27 Apr 2008

hmmm wel i have removed it but it still says it is there, which is really annoying me now, lol, i cant seem t ofix these darn errors and im sure its the beta verson causign the problem, i went to ad dreove and it said that it was taking up 0kb but et when its finished it still opens, any other ideas for removing

  Technotiger 15:21 27 Apr 2008

The add/remove should have cleared IE7 but left you with IE6, that was the intention - and is the way to get back to IE6 from IE7.

If you want to remove IE altogether then try click here

  birdface 15:26 27 Apr 2008

Will the computer still work if he uninstalls all versions of Internet Explorer.Maybe better downloading fireFox just in case.

  rickilambert 15:39 27 Apr 2008

ive got the exe for the new interet explorer but cant install till this is uninstalled, grrrrrrrrrrr

  Technotiger 15:50 27 Apr 2008

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