cheapest winxp please

  Ballie 23:15 15 Nov 2005

I am off to France to stay with my mother and I will be up-grading her pc from win98 to winxp can anyone tell me of the cheapest deal on winxp out there?

Thank all

  Totally-braindead 23:25 15 Nov 2005

Before you do this make sure that her PC more than meets the minimum specification for Xp and check that her peripherals have XP drivers available for them, if not then you may need to buy a new printer or scanner and that can add to the expense. The cheapest way of getting XP is to buy the OEM version such as this click here however 2 things I should point out, in order to comply with the licence terms you would need to buy some hardware, this can be as simple as a mouse and the other thing is that because its OEM once its installed on your mothers PC you can't buy a new PC and put it on that. Its tied to the machine its put on. If the PC will last for years then ok but if she may buy a new PC in a year or so it may not be such a bargain. Also, perhaps not so important Microsoft do not provide support for OEM versions you are expected to sort it out yourself. But then thats what this Forum is a real help for.

  Skills 23:34 15 Nov 2005

Im affraid you are incorrect about the situtation with OEM there, a OEM copy of XP can now be brought without having to buy any pieces of qualifying hardware but to comply with the terms and conditions it can now only be installed on a new PC which microsoft defines as at least a new CPU,motherboard, PSU , hard drive and case.

  Totally-braindead 23:44 15 Nov 2005

I'm not sure if this is the case Skills, Microsoft have still to clarify this I think. Have you read the Forum Editors BLOG on this? To quote from what he said

" I hope that confusion can now cease - you may go ahead an buy OEM Windows from anyone who will sell it to you, as long as you understand that you MUST install it on a new machine. Microsoft trusts you to observe that condition, and as loong as you do all will be well. "

Now the way I read this, and I may be wrong here is that you must install it on a new machine in that the machine is new to the copy of Windows XP and that XP must not be installed on another machine. Perhaps I'm wrong on this and I need to be corrected but thats what I though it meant.

Just reread the quote from the FE and his BLOG and what I've written and I've changed my mind Skills, it looks like you are right. I now see what they mean, sorry Ballie for the confusion it looks like you would have to buy a new full copy of XP.

  DieSse 23:47 15 Nov 2005

And if you want an English version, get it in the UK - it might not be easy to find in France.

You only need to get the upgrade - not the full version.

  Totally-braindead 23:48 15 Nov 2005

You could still buy an upgrade disk Bailie providing your mother still has her Windows 98 disks but its a bit more expensive click here

  Skills 00:06 16 Nov 2005

Yes this OEM thing has caused an ammount of confusion all round

PC world do the upgrade pack for £89.99 with free delievery click here

  Ballie 08:11 16 Nov 2005

Thanks for all the help, but it seems madness that someone who is already a ms customer ie running win98 has to pay £90 for an upgrade to xp and someone who is not a loyal customer ie has no o/s only pays £60 !!!

What if my mum has a new hard drive installed can I then buy oem xp ?

  ventanas 08:33 16 Nov 2005

There is no confusion about this though. OEM is out of the question. It must be a retail upgrade. This is not a new machine. Totally-braindead is correct. You cannot buy OEM with a new hard drive any more. It MUST be a new machine.

Anyway I think £90 for the upgrade is very good value for money.

  PaulB2005 08:44 16 Nov 2005

If you read the thread regarding this click here you'll the license now says....

"A "fully assembled computer system" means a computer system consisting of at least a central processing unit, a motherboard, a hard drive, a power supply, and a case."

  tamc98 09:12 16 Nov 2005

I got a copy of XP Pro Sp2 off Ebay. Genuine Microsoft hologram disc and key code. It didn't come with a COA but installed OK and passed the Microsoft verification test.
Cost me £21 +P&P for the OEM disc and installed it on my three year old system that previously ran win Me.


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