Cheapest router option for connecting 2 PCs?

  chidori 14:06 01 May 2004

Hi, I have two PCs, with the main one connected to broadband. The broadband connection is Plusnet 512K and I'm currently using a Dynamode ADSL USB modem which Plusnet supplied. I'm currently sharing the broadband connection using a crossover cable between the LAN sockets integrated in both PCs.

I want to get a router so that the other PC is able to use the broadband internet connection without switching on the main PC. Is this possible? I have a friend who got a router but claims you still need the main PC to be on so that the router can connect online and thus allow the other PC to use the net. Surely he must have done his connections wrong, right?

I doubt I will be able to use my USB ADSL modem in conjunction with a router so therefore, would I need a router with an ADSL modem built in? I don't really care about the firewall protection and extra features. As long as I can use it to allow any of the 2 PCs to connect at anytime.

Also, would I need to purchase some new patch network cables? I know there is this Netgear router which allows you to use both crossover and patch cables but it's horrendously expensive for me. So would 2 network patch cables be enough for me? One each to connect the PCs to the router?

If I got a router with an ADSL modem built in, would it mean that my main PC now longer has to dial-up to the internet and opening up Internet Explorer will just work straight away? Also, does the router have to be switched on at all times or can it be switched off when I'm not using the net to save electricity?

Also, I'm not exactly how routers work. Do they have some memory chip on them to store your ISP settings? Would this have to be configured before I'm able to use the net?

So all I need for this would be 1xrouter with ADSL built-in and 2xnetwork patch cables right?

Can anyone provide me with some suggestions about the cheapest (but not crap!) router appropriate for me? I'm going to try and look through ebay as well so could you also tell me what kind of things are essential in a router?

Kind regards

  Dowman 14:28 01 May 2004

The best place to buy a router is (click here) or (click here). The recommended products to use are Netgear or SMC.

If you go to (click here) US site it explains all about home networking and routers etc (just click on "How to" button on left hand side of the screen, then "Home Networks" again on left of screen). It gives a good guide to networking and it's components.

Otherwise (click here) is good for information about Home Networking products.

You having a USB ADSL modem, I'm not sure about. Most routers seem to have a UTP port on them. However I can find out and let you know ASAP.

Patch cables are available anywhere at budget prices and at varying lengths, just search yahooUK or ( or redstore and dabs.

Forget the cross over cable business, the router (if you buy the right one of course) usually comes with a 4 port switch built in and will do the crossing over for you.

I hope this will get you started.

  chidori 01:11 02 May 2004

I have just asked my friend about his setup and apparantly, he has one router with an ADSL modem built-in but the strange thing is that he has one PC connected to it via a network cable while the other PC is connected to it via an USB cable! I thought that normally you need 2 network cables. Is it quite common to use an USB cable between a PC and router to transmit and receive data?

  Deadbody 06:52 02 May 2004

This is what I have done
I bought 2 wireless usb lan dongles from they are Origo brand to be precise for less than 34 quid they do pci ones as well some of the systems on my lan use cards and they seem to be fine I then bought a wireless router for 35 quid from the computer fair it's called X- Micro it has both ethernet connectors and a usb so it does not matter what modem connecting you've got and the main computer does not need to be on for any client to access the net

  Dowman 22:14 02 May 2004

All you have to do is buy a router with ADSL modem built-in. Like the Netgear DG834 at this web site: click here.

With this, you plug in the ADSL link to the router and your two pcs into one of the four UTP sockets on the device.

This way you can do away with the USB ADSL modem and use the router instead, and you can use any pc without the need to have both pcs on at once.

  byfordr 22:23 02 May 2004

Very good deals on wireless at the moment. All in one DG834G + 1 wireless adapter £100 click here You could plumb 1 pc straight into the router, then use one wirelessly

Just a thought

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