Cheapest RAM online

  kalstras 13:43 19 Jan 2007

Anyone know where a great (not good) place to buy the cheapest RAM?)


  jimv7 13:47 19 Jan 2007

Crucail click here

  kalstras 15:50 19 Jan 2007

Thank you

  archir123 16:52 19 Jan 2007

look at his title , CHEAPEST ram , and you link him to Crucial.

there are loads of places for cheap ram mate , first find out your ram type , speed etc , then google it.

dont buy from Crucial they rip off customers who dont have the knowlage to find out for themselves what kind of memory they need , just try it out , put your pc make model , or mobo type in their search engine

notice how when they link you to the ram they recommend they STILL dont tell you what it is , why? , so you have to buy it from them at their overinflated prices

  PaulB2005 17:09 19 Jan 2007

Yes when Crucial provide descriptions of their RAM such as:

DDR PC4000 • 3-4-4-8 • Unbuffered • NON-ECC • DDR500 • 2.8V • 128Meg x 64

How on earth can you be sure what you buying?


archir123 = no idea what you are talking about. Upgraded many PCs with Crucial and each time i know EXACTLY what i am buying from them.

Further to that whilst Crucial MAY be more expensive than others they also come tops when it comes to after sales service. Example i bought two 512 Mb sticks on May 2005. October 2006 one fails Crucial replace both sticks and i get a free upgrade from DDR 400 to DDR 500 as they have no DDR 400 in stock.

Never had a problem with Crucial. Would rather spend a bit more with Crucial than buy cheap memory.

  anchor 17:10 19 Jan 2007

The cheapest is often not the best.

There have been innumerable postings on this forum recomending Crucial. The post from archir123 is the first unfavourable comment that I recall having seen here.

No, they may not be the cheapest, but their prices are reasonable for a quality warranted product, and is less than some suppliers.

It depends what you want; do a Google search and you will no doubt find the cheapest.

  Taff™ 17:11 19 Jan 2007

Nice Rant. Post a link to another reliable company then! (And I mean reliable - Crucial, quite rightly win awards for their service and customer care so we`re not talking about saving a couple of quid here.)

  Mr Beeline 17:19 19 Jan 2007

Crucial get my vote as well.

Built quite a few PC's over the years and never had any problem with Crucial and their "value" memory is quite well priced in my opinion.

  Meshuga 18:23 19 Jan 2007

archir123, you are not only talking out of your backside but are laying youself open to a charge of libel. Crucial are the most reliable company of any I`ve seen recommended on this or any other forum.

  Legolas 19:39 19 Jan 2007

I used to buy cheap ram but found it a bit hit and miss. If you want reliability although for a few pounds more then I would highly recommend Crucial

  Legolas 19:41 19 Jan 2007

Sorry should also have said dont go for cheap ram after all it is cheap for a reason - unreliable

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