Cheapest Laptop

  NSBT 06:45 19 Jan 2008

Any suggestions where I can purchase a cheap laptop?

All I want it for is to browse the Internet and access various forums.

As I’m on a tight budget, I don’t want to spend too much money.

Thanks in advance.

  Gongoozler 08:19 19 Jan 2008

If you are careful, there are often laptops sold on Ebay that would do what you want. For Internet access you can get away with a very basic spec such as click here.
If you don't want to take the risk, then the cheapest I've seen for a new laptop is about £300, such as click here. If you do buy second hand, it's quite likely that the battery will be quite tired so you will probably have to have it plugged into the mains most of the time you use it.

  NSBT 15:24 19 Jan 2008

Hi Gongoozler

Thanks for that, I'd rather not buy second hand, one never knows the true condition of it.

Ebuyer looks good though.


  Gongoozler 15:53 19 Jan 2008

If you only want the laptop for Internet surfing, the Linux system would save you money click here

  NSBT 17:35 19 Jan 2008

Hi Gongoozler

Thanks for that, I think I may purchase that one, however, may I clarify a number of things as I have no idea about laptops'?

I notice the battery warranty is only 6 months, would this be a problem?

I do have a desktop computer at home, but require the laptop for another family member, so, would I need a new ISP for the laptop?

Would I need any additional leads or accessories for the laptop prior to purchasing it?

Your time in assisting me is very much appreciated.


  cream. 18:10 19 Jan 2008

Why not try the asus triple E. An absolute bargin for £220. It has 7" screen, wireless, linux and all the software you need. It has no hard drive but flash memory and loads in seconds. battery life should be around 3 and a half hours. You can load programs via the memory stick, no optical drive to drag down performance and it can slip into your pocket.:)

  cream. 18:12 19 Jan 2008

Gongoozler has already posted about the asus:)))

  Gongoozler 19:45 19 Jan 2008

Although I posted a link to that Asus, think carefully as to whether a 7" screen is big enough for your needs.

  SANTOS7 19:48 19 Jan 2008

click here

silly cheap on here...

  Gongoozler 19:53 19 Jan 2008

"new ISP for the laptop"? No you don't need a new ISP. In fact if your connection is broadband you will only be able to access one ISP. You will, however need a new connection from the second computer to the modem. The easiest way to do this, although it will cost you, is a wireless modem/router. You can set up a new email address and set each computer only to download emails for that user. Doing it this way, you will need to trust one-another not to change the settings to download the other person's emails.

  NSBT 20:04 19 Jan 2008


I’m confused with the OP on the ASUSclick here it says Linux, is this the same as XP?

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