Cheapest broadband service please?

  jediknight007 18:24 26 Jan 2003

Hi, I currently am using BT Openworld's Surf and Talk Together which costs me about £22.99 a month which I think is now a rip off. Of course, it does include the line rental (£10 a month) in it and I get free local calls at evenings and weekends and reduced rates on international calls. However, I should be able to cope with reducing my time on calls at the evenings and weekends. So do you really think it's worth playing £12.99 for just Surftime?

I know a friend who is about to get broadband and he told me that he will only be paying less than £15 a month providing he has to buy their modem. He told me the name but I can't remember it. Had the words 'free' or 'UK' in it. I would like to get broadband sometime this year since it means that I don't have to always disconnect half-way though my work so that my parents can use the phone for an 'important' phone call.

I know that there have been countless threads about the best broadband service but times do change and more ISPs are emerging and prices change due to new rules on charges etc... Even some websites where I can compare prices will help. Thanks in advance.

  DieSse 18:26 26 Jan 2003

Why don't you simply visit each of the providers web sites, and have a look.

  cdb 18:34 26 Jan 2003

NTL stat broadband at about 14.99 (128kbps) i think,do a phone package for about £8-9 ish and gp upto 1meg broadband at £35 per month.

  jediknight007 18:40 26 Jan 2003

I have just found a broadband provider called FreeDial where you can get 512k ADSL for £12.99. Anyone know anything about their reliability?

Search "broadband providers" in your web browser, and you will probably get a lot of hits. From there, you can check availability and pricing. I noted that other replies listed rated in pounds, so being in the U.S., I probably can't help much more than suggesting that you try surfing the web. Good luck -- Matt

  Nordic Lass 18:57 26 Jan 2003

Pipex - £19.99 per month

  Legolas 19:24 26 Jan 2003

jediknight007 I had a look at FreeDial on the face of it it looks cheap but it is £88 for a modem and £50 odd as a surcharge if you dont take their modem, ok I suppose if you already have an ASDL modem, then there is a £80 activation fee £10 p&p fee it adds up to £191.99 not including routers and splitters although the minimum contract is only one month so thats quite good I could,nt find any early cancel clause some BB providers have monthly contracts but penalise you if you cancel the contract before having completed 12 months. If you were going to stay with them for a while it might be worth it but you never know when they are going to hike up there prices, not wanting to be to cynical but this may be the reason for having only a one month contract so they can up the price at the end of a one month period whereas if you signed for 12 months they probably could'nt change the price until the end of the contract. Now after all this waffle the choice is still up to you.:-)

  jediknight007 22:54 28 Jan 2003

Well, I have a friend who has signed up with FreeDial but he is still waiting for some line activation thing. £80 for the connection fee and another £80 for their modem is quite a lot though. Sounds good if the prices don't increase for years but that's unlikely. So I guess the best I can find at the moment is £19.99 for reliable 512K BB then? Are there any proper and realistic plans from some companies in the next few months for cheap BB?

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