cheap way of getting a good computer.

  dan bould 20:19 13 Oct 2006

hello everyone who reads this thanks for reading what i would like to know is i want a new computer but all the desktops seem a waste of money and more expensive by about £100.

so what i would like to do is buy a new computer but piece by piece then assemble it that way. what have that i do not require is 1024 of pc 3200 ram.

but what i was wondering is pci pci-e and agp which is faster cause i have been told diffenerent things and real i need to know this so i may buy good parts at a good price.

what i am doing to lower the price is buy some of the parts from america (motherboard processor and graphics card) but i need all the things to be compatable and relatively cheap because im a college student.

So at the moment i have no income i would just upgrade the computer i have but the motherboard is old this is why im upgrading my computer any of advise or expience.

you have would be amazingly helpful. if you could recommend a graphics card and mother board that would go well with a Amd Athlon 64 x2 dual-core processor 2.4ghz.

thank you for reading


  Diodorus Siculus 20:38 13 Oct 2006

I wish you luck trying to build cheaper than you can buy ready made :-)

PCI-E is the way forward and will be the fastest; AGP cards will not be developed any more.

I can't recommend a board / graphics card but am sure someone will.

  Night Ryder 21:21 13 Oct 2006

You can buy the parts to build a PC from "Dabs"
Run a search in any search engine for this company. You will find they have a lot to offer at competative prices.

  Strawballs 23:23 13 Oct 2006
  terryf 23:29 13 Oct 2006

click here you probably can't buy the bits as cheaply as these ready-made, don't forget PC makers are buying components in bulk at trade prices, you will have to pay retail prices and buying from USA will incur VAT and shipping and customs costs

  dan bould 23:33 13 Oct 2006

guys ty for the help really useful strawballs thanks for ur link in seconds of u giving it me i found a computer over 500 pound but well worth it in all the aspects and suits the purpose i wish it for i just hope it takes 3 gig of ram cause i mite take the ram out mine :) lol and do tht

  woodchip 23:39 13 Oct 2006

Lots of use like to work on a shoe string, but you are trying it with cotton

  dan bould 23:40 13 Oct 2006

wtf i dont understand wot u just sed :S

  Strawballs 23:45 13 Oct 2006

No problem I have usewd them a lot only once had a problem and that was with a memory stick which they replaced without question.

  dan bould 23:53 13 Oct 2006

dude cn u check out this computer for me and see wots wrong wiv it i dnt fink there is and its a gd price for wot it is do u agree

  dan bould 23:54 13 Oct 2006

click here

here lol forgot to actually post the link

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