SLOWLEARNER 12:29 05 Jan 2004

Is it time to upgrade my CRT monitor for one of the cheaper TFT ones on the market or buy a better CRT model?
I,ve been deterred from changing in the past with reports of bad pixels etc. but would like anyones opinion on the latest screens available. Bought the Medion PC from Aldi,s last year and fancied their TFT monitor but have resisted so far, please help with a review if anyone out there bought one.

  wags 12:51 05 Jan 2004

How cheap is cheap ? What's your budget ?

  SLOWLEARNER 13:47 05 Jan 2004

The Medion monitor 15" is £169, willing to look at any recommended screens below £250. I really need to know if it is better to go for TFT or CRT on this budget.

  ThePharcyde007 14:00 05 Jan 2004

I brought a Samsung Syncmaster 152V from Office World for £220.00 very happy.

15 inch by the way

  Stuartli 15:47 05 Jan 2004

There are too many 15in TFT models to list between around £170 and £250.

However, amazon is listing a new CTX 17in (CTXS700A) at £294 including delivery and eBuyer an ADI for a little less...

click here

...if you are prepared to dole out a little bit more...:-))

You'd probably have to pay for delivery on a 15in in any case.

The ADI 17in multimedia TFT at eBuyer is £270 including VAT:

click here

The black 17in CTXS700B is listed at £296.70 (plus VAT) at eBuyer...

  Stuartli 15:51 05 Jan 2004

I sometimes have the opporunity to use a 17in TFT supplied with a Mesh system (it's either a Sharp or a Samsung model in black) which has a superb display and clear text.

  TommyRed 17:44 05 Jan 2004

I've got a Medion 15" TFT which came as part of my system from Curry's. The only problem, which is improved but not resolved, is that when the monitor is left on for a long time, used to be 2 hours now it's more like 6, the bottom third of the screen goes funny/distorted and the mouse wont work if the cursor is in this area. Curry's helpline suggested installing the latest drivers which has improved it but not resolved it. I found a quick switch off/switch on on the monitor sorts it. I'll get round to it before the guarentee expires. Other than that excellent picture quality and loads of space on the desk. HTH TR

  Gongoozler 17:48 05 Jan 2004

The only way to be sure is to have a look at a few monitors before you buy. Some cheap TFT monitors have a very narrow viewing angle and poor colour rendition, while some are very good.

  citadel 19:08 05 Jan 2004

If you play games a crt is best, you can get a good 19" monitor for the same price as a small tft.

  The Spires 19:59 05 Jan 2004

The Iiyama Pro 455 19" CRT is still a very nice monitor, if you have the desk room.

  Andy-2004 20:24 05 Jan 2004

i alwasys find novatech good prices for moniters and indeed everything

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