Cheap small printer for acetate and vellums ???

  [email protected] 10:08 28 Feb 2009

Can u recommend an inexpensive not too large printer for acetates and vellums?
Just before Christmas my printer died and I bought an Epson, I'd previously had HP and Canon.
I have discovered today that the Epson wont print on acetate or vellum (or any type of paper that Epson don't make not the brand but the type!!) I can't justify replacing it (it copies, scans faxes etc) but is there a cheap small printer that prints on to acetate and vellum that you could recommend? Thanks!!

  jack 11:18 28 Feb 2009

Epson wont print on any thing other than Epson paper
I cant follow your argument.
desribe the results you are getting with other stock.
I run 2 Epsons one with CISS and although some substrates are plainly not for inkjet.-that is not the printers fault
Inkjet printers squirt ink onto any substrate that will pass through.
Inkjet Gloss and matt although of various brands and basically the same and should accept the output.
Acetate is different and you do need InkJet transparency material.
By preference for example I use Ilford Galeria papers both glose,pearl and matt.
But I also use Artists watercolour papar and even gesso primed canvas for special jobs.
All of which print very well.

Try the following,in the paper set up panel select inkjet transparency for all your graphics work

Come back on this

  [email protected] 11:50 28 Feb 2009

Thanks for your help, I am sorry if I wasn't clear.
What I wrote was that Epson don't appear to cover types of paper other than those they sell, I did say not brand but type. So my options for paper type do not include transparencies or other papers of any kind.
The options are for 4 types of glossy photo paper (all Epson but obviously any other brand will work)one matte option and plain paper.
I tried printing on printable acetate choosing plain paper (which Epson "suggest" but don't guarantee!)settings but the acetate either passes through completely and I get "paper out" or it jams.
with a HP printable transparency it does the same.
With vellum , again no lightweight paper settings but the printer doesn't recognise that the paper is in the feeder. It feeds it through completely or it feeds it in, feeds about 3" back out and then stops- no jam sign but has to be tugged to be removed and I get the no paper sign.

  jack 15:20 28 Feb 2009

- in the options
plain/matt/photo gloss/ink jet transparency
control the ink delivery volume not the type of stock.
Selecting inkjet transparency as I suggested reduces the ink flow- thus giving brighter images and greater ink economy
However this has nothing to do with the problem you are experiencing , this is more of a data transmission problem.

So, try this
1. Come off line, disable the anti Virus program,
Insert the software/driver disk.

2.Go to Start/Printers and Fax/ click on remove printer- then click on add printer / have disk
When the disk comers up select Custom- then Driver.
Come back

  [email protected] 19:41 28 Feb 2009

Hi , I'll do as you suggest but as I said before there is NO transparency option, because the printer does not print on transparencies (live Epson help told me this).
If (big IF) I can get the transparency to feed the ink pools because there is NO transparency option.
With vellum it has to be a problem with the lack of thickness of the paper because if I put vellum in the machine it will not print if I put a plain sheet in it will print straight away.

  jolorna 22:19 28 Feb 2009

you can have a browse in google click here= its saying to use draft mode or transparency as it doesn't need a lot of ink

  [email protected] 23:02 28 Feb 2009

It doesn't have a tranparency option!!!!!!
I'll try draft but it has a problem feeding the acetate and the lightweight vellum through- it doesn't get to print anything on vellum!!!

  jack 11:00 01 Mar 2009

You are still confusing printer functions[The ability to scan transparency's[slide] and the type of media[substrate] it will print on.
See this[IMG]click here[/IMG]
Go to this panel then select the media

  [email protected] 14:14 01 Mar 2009

I am sorry Jack but I am NOT getting confused I have stated 4 times the media Transparencies is NOT an option, it is NOT in the drop down box. I have stated several times the options are:_
4 types of glossy paper, matte paper, and plain paper NO OTHER OPTIONS!!

The picture you show is a different model not mine, mine doesn't have those options HONESTLY!!!.

  jack 14:59 01 Mar 2009

Back to Epson then

  [email protected] 20:58 01 Mar 2009

Thanks anyway :)
back to my original queation- any recommendations for a small cheap printer that WILL print on acetate and vellum LOL!

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