Cheap RAM any ideas?

  Autoschediastic 22:03 27 Jun 2011

Hello guys i hate flooding the forum with threads this must be my 5th one this week??

Anyway i am really shocked to find that a old laptop (2004 model) i am fixing needs a RAM upgrade and its the price that is shocking me? i want Two 1 gig Sticks of this RAM PC DETS

I cant find any new OR second hand for less than £40?? for my desktop its cheaper? Has anyone got any idea where they sell either new or Used RAM pls?

  northumbria61 22:21 27 Jun 2011

Try here link text

  spuds 22:27 27 Jun 2011

I usually look at eBay for old or new, have you tried there?.

Computer fairs were the next step, but there doesn't seem to be many computer fairs about nowadays.

  Autoschediastic 00:26 28 Jun 2011

Thanks guys for your help! ive seen the links and for TWO 1 gig sticks its almost £50?? the laptop is only worth a ton lol Ive looked at Ebay usa and they seem to be offering ram from trusted sellers for around £35 inc delivery? what do u think is it worth taking the risk? Cheers

  northumbria61 08:00 28 Jun 2011

It seems to be that the "older" the RAM the more expensive it becomes. I have sold RAM a few times on Ebay that I no longer had use for and the buyers have been pleased with their purchases - I would love to have helped you out but unfortunately I don't have any left.

You shouldn't have any worries about buying from what you describe as "trusted sellers" - but is there any particular reason why you are looking on Ebay USA ?

  EARLR 09:36 28 Jun 2011

Have you tried crucial?

  mimosa418 10:57 28 Jun 2011

I had a similar problem with my old desktop and found cheap ram at They may also have ram for laptops.

  onthelimit1 11:13 28 Jun 2011

EARL - Crucial (and others such as MrMemory) are relatively expensive compared with second hand stuff from ebay. It's the old DDR that costs - twice that of DDR2.

  woodchip 12:17 28 Jun 2011

I thought SODIM was Laptop Memory

  woodchip 12:19 28 Jun 2011

PS you should take care as the Laptop I think will not take all that memory and it will have been just like throwing your money in the bin.

I have a old Tosh laptop and it will not take more than 32Mb

  robin_x 12:43 28 Jun 2011

I have an old Compaq Armada e500 (12yrs old) which would need 2 x 256MB (max allowed) @£30 each from its present total of 128MB. (PC1OO 100mHZ SDRAM)

It will run XP, just, without AV and can browse and play movies OK after 15mins or so settling down.

Linux Puppy runs a fair bit better on it.

I don't use it much. I really only keep it 'just in case'

£5 or £10 memory comes up on ebay. But, in my case, I won't even bother with that.

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