cheap ink

  1st spring 12:42 26 Mar 2010

I would like to buy ink but not the genuing one.

  ardubbleyu 12:48 26 Mar 2010

OK - what's your printer? Your post is a little thin on information...

  Technotiger 13:05 26 Mar 2010

I use these, perfectly good inks and very very cheap - I don't know how they do it! click here

  1st spring 13:05 26 Mar 2010

I haven't got a printer at the moment but I would like an Epsom. Didn't think it mattered. I thought I could buy ink from any place I will be buying a printer that takes different cartridges not just one cartridge and it will be a coloured printer not a b/w only printer. I used to buy from Choice but wondered if there was an even cheaper place.

  Technotiger 13:05 26 Mar 2010

PS... I use them on my Epson R360.

  1st spring 13:07 26 Mar 2010

So do you think that is the best place so shop?

  1st spring 13:09 26 Mar 2010

Thank you I will look there to compare Choice prizes.

  Technotiger 13:53 26 Mar 2010

I used to use Choice, but now use INKredible!

  Housten 14:32 26 Mar 2010


I have an Epsom Sylus C70+ and get cartridges from shop. They are selling 3 colours and two black cartridges for £10.96 - worth a look!

  Housten 14:34 26 Mar 2010

Another whoopsie!! Should have properly read post before clicking in last post! There should be Cartridge in front of shop

  Technotiger 15:23 26 Mar 2010

I bought two full sets (2x6 cartridges) for £24.99, including VAT and Free, Next Day delivery! That is £2.08 per cartridge.

Epson R360

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